Where the Value Lays in This Weekends Football Matches

It could take you an absolute age to not only pick out a range of football teams to back this coming weekend, but also track down a betting site that is going to be offering you some fair and decent odds on the match or matches you do fancy betting on too.

However, you are going to find some of the fairest odds in the industry listed on the Betfred long list football coupon, and as such make sure you do checkout their odds for this weekend’s football matches as there are plenty of teams worth backing at some enhanced odds.

To help you make sense of where the value lays on this weekend’s football matches I have spent the day studying the betting markets on several matches, and have whittled down the matches that are kicking off this Saturday to just a small handful of them that do offer tremendous value.

Take for example the Norwich City v Brentford match, Betfred really have pushed the boat out on the odds they are offering on that match which the most likely winner being Norwich City and the odds they are offering on them inning are 11/8, the draw odds are 12/5 and the away teams odds are 15/8, but it is Norwich City that I do think are going to win that match.

Take the 8/13 on Preston North End

Another match that you should be lumping on is the Preston North End v Rotherham United, it won’t take you very long to realise that Preston North End are going to win that match and by backing them at Betfred you have odds on them winning of 8/13 at your disposal!

Keep in mind too that if you sign up to Betfair you are going to be able to offer you own odds on any team you think will lose, so that is another betting opportunity you should certainly consider!

Sheffield United, Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion

The Sheffield United v Wigan Athletic match is another one in which I do feel the home team are going to win and as such if you are of the same mind then the 8/11 odds are certainly going to be worth taking.

The Swansea City v Reading isn’t likely to end in either  a draw or a win for Reading, and with that in mind I think you should be backing Swansea City who should win that match with great ease, and if you do back them right now you can get odds of 5/6 on them winning over at Betfred!

Backing West Bromwich Albion to win at home against Blackburn Rovers is another bet you should be placing, and as they are up for grabs at odds of 8/11, it may be worth perming them with Sheffield United and Swansea in a treble, they should in that match for looking at the draw odds on offer of 5/2 the match shouldn’t end in a draw nor should Blackburn Rovers win and for the record their win odds are huge at 4/1!

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