Unique Football Coupons

There is such a very large and varied range of different football betting coupons, if you do fancy taking your chances by predicting the outcomes of several up and coming football matches, it can be very difficult trying to work out which coupon to place your bets on.

However, there is one betting site that has, without a shadow of a doubt some of the better paying football betting coupons, and that site is Betfred.

Whilst it is very true to say that all the leading betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers sites will offer a range of different betting coupons, as soon as you study the actual win odds and the pay-out son most of them you will soon discover they offer no true value to punters.

But that is never going to be the case when you make the wise decision of signing up to Betfred, for not only are you going to be able to bet on football coupons via their web browser based online betting platform you can also do so via their betting app too.

In fact, if you prefer you can also wander into any of their thousands of land-based betting shops dotted around the UK, but make no mistake about it, when betting on football with Betfred you are never going to be left wanting and will always have the peace of mind in knowing you are getting the highest possible out and they will always pay you out when you do finally win big!

Goals Galore Football Betting Coupons

Betfred is passionate about making sure all his football loving customers get true value, no matter what it is they choose to bet on, and that is something that does shine through on each of his football coupon bets.

Below I have put together a full guide on each of his Goals Galore football coupons as they are known, but if you are not yet a customer of that betting site then do make sure you use our links to visit their website, for you will then qualify for our exclusive free betting bonus offer, the details of which can be found on their website.

Goals Galore Coupon

Half a good read through each of the following overviews on the many different Goals Galore betting coupons, for I am more than confident one of them at the very least will suit you down to the ground.

The standard coupon is one on which you are tasked with nothing more complicated than picking out at least three football matches in which both teams are going to score at least one goal each during the first 90 minutes of play and any additional injury time the referee adds on to any match.

The way in which you can win big from this bet is by picking out a large number of matches in the hope both teams will score at some point in the match, the odds listed alongside each match will be the ones used to work out your final winning pay-out and the best is steeled as an accumulator using those odds.

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

There is a football coupon available from Betfred that is known as the Goals Galore Bonus coupon, and when making use of that coupon the odds that are on offer on each match being one in which both teams score at the very least one goal each have been boosted.

Each coupon will have matches chosen by the Betfred team listed on them, but there will be fewer of those matches listed than are on the above coupon.

If you have placed a minimum of three selections on any stake level you choose and each match does end with both teams scoring one goal each at least during the match then the bet is going to be settled once again as an accumulator.

Goals Galore – No Draw Coupon

You must hand it to the odds compliers and the bet designers over at Betfred, they have certainly dreamt up some interesting soccer coupons over the years, and one that many punters do enjoy using and betting on is the Goals Galore No Draw coupon.

Now the way in which you will find this coupon has been designed and structured is that you still must predict which football matches will end in both teams scoring one or more goals each, but each match you select cannot end in a draw to be classed as a winning one.

That therefore does reduce the chances of you winning, but in exchange for those reduced chances of winning the pay-out outs are much higher. Picking out just two matches in which both teams do score but the match isn’t a draw at the final whistle sees you getting pay-out odds of 6.1 which can go all the way up to 25,000/1 for you picking out 10 matches!

There is a minimum requirement for you to pick out two matches to put on this coupon bet.

Goals Galore – 1st Half/2nd Half Coupon

If you are warming to the idea of betting with Betfred and using his football coupons, then you will need to know about one other coupon bet they will make available to you and that is their Goals Galore 1st Half/2nd Half coupon.

The way this coupon has been designed is such that you must decide which teams are going to score one goal each in either the first half or the second half of a match.

You must pick a minimum of two teams on this coupon bet and the odds for picking two teams from two matches that both score in the first half are 20/1 and the odds that on offer for them doing so in the second half instead are much higher at 20/1!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of coupon bets available from Betfred and you will soon see the odds that are on offer are much higher than any other betting sites coupon bets when you set about comparing them!

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