Understanding How Scorecast Bets Work

As someone who does enjoy the occasional football bet, what you should always be on the lookout for are some bets and wager types that give you the chance of winning big when placing some small stake amounts, as they can add another level of excitement when you are planning on watching any football matches.

Therefore, I want to take a look at a type of football bet today that you may never have come across before, but believe me when I tell you they can and often do payout some huge amounts of cash to punters who place winning ones, and those bets are known as Scorecast bets.

They are a two part bet on which both of the outcomes that you predict on them much be the ones that occur in the football match you are betting on, and the first thing you have to try and correctly predict is the first player to score.

Next you are faced with the ever so slightly more difficult task of trying to work out what the final score of the match will be, and once you have made your decision the betting platform you are using at any betting site will then generate a set of odds based on your two predictions, both of which must be right for you to win!

Top Betting Site for Scorecast Bets

Betting sites are certainly not in short supply these days, but what is in short supply are betting sites that consistently can be relied on to offer you the very best odds on all manner of different sporting events.

Paddy Power are one site that is never going to let you down when it comes to the best odds on any type of sporting events, but one thing that does make them start out is there huge range of different Scorecast bets all of which do offer some of the best odds in the industry, so make sure you check them out today!

How to Place Anytime Wincast Bets

One other type of bet that I am confident plenty of you football fans out there may just enjoy placing over at the Paddy Power bet is one of their Anytime Wincast bets, which are quite an easy bet to try and get your heard around to be perfectly honest.

The way that have been designed is that unlike a Scorecast type of bet you are not faced with having to predict the first goalscorer in a football match but instead you simply have to predict a player that wills core at any time in a football match.

However, you do need to correctly predict something else in that match, and unlike when placing a Scorecast bet were you have to pick the correct score of the match, the second part of an Anytime Wincast bet will see you only having to pick out the team that you think will win that match, get both of those two things correct and your Anytime Wincast bet will be a winning one!

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