Understanding a Lucky 15 Bet

The days when you could only ever place an outright winner bet have been long gone for decades now, and when you make use of an online betting site or a mobile betting app you are going to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of different bet and wager types that you can place at those sites and on those betting apps too.

Therefore, in an attempt to help you make sense of the many hundreds of different bets and wagers that  you can place these days, I have put together a range of bet type guides throughout this website, and in this one I am going to be looking at a rather interesting bet known as a Lucky 15 bet.

A Lucky 15 bet has been popular with betting shop punters for many, many years now, and it offers a very easy and simple way for punters to be able to perm together four different selections but in one simple bet and have all four selections covered in every possible type of bet.

There are no prizes for guessing the number of bets on offer on a Lucky 15 bet, for the name does give that information away, and as such the fifteen bets that you will be placing on such a bet are one accumulator, four trebles, six doubles and four singles too.

You do need to pick out a unit stake on which to have in place on a Lucky 15 bet, and to be fair you can pick a small one if you like but many betting site are going to allow you to place some fairly hefty sized Lucky 15 bets too, just keep in mind your unit stake will need to be multiplied by fifteen to cover each of those individual bets I just listed!

Place a Lucky 15 Bet Online

As for which betting site is going to be the very best one to place a Lucky 15 bet at, well I would steer you towards placing them at sites such as Ladbrokes, in fact if you are not yet a customer of Ladbrokes make sure you click through to their website suing our links, as all new customers that do so get to make use of a high valued welcome offer the details of which are to be found on their website.

Ladbrokes also offer two additional bonuses to punters placing a Lucky 15 bet with them. If you place such a bet but only one of your selections wins then no matter what odds your selection wins at they are going to double the value of the odds on that single winning bet.

The second bonus is certainly one worth winning, for if all four of your selections win then Ladbrokes are going to give your total winning pay-out a boost in value by a whopping ten percent, which could turn out to be a huge bonus pay-out depending on what odds each of your four selections won at and the unit stake your wagered on your bet!

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