Try a Straight Forecast World Cup Group Betting Wager

Never think that the only bets you are going to be able to place on any World Cup matches are ones which simply see you trying to predict the winning team in any one single match, for there are hundreds of other betting opportunities available to you.

However, one type of bet that does become available on major football tournaments such as the World Cup are Straight Forecast bets, and how they have been designed is that you must first select a Group and then pick the two teams you think will fill the top spot and the seconds pot once all games in that group have been played off.

As long a the two teams you do select finish in first and second place in the order you predicted then you will receive a winning pay-out if you placed a World Cup Straight Forecast bet, and the most unlikely to two teams finishing in those two top spots you select as your bet the bigger the odds you will be rewarded with.

Group B Straight Forecast Bet

It does look like the most likely outcome of Group B will be the 1st Spain/2nd Portugal bet for the odds available on that bet are tiny at 6/5 so there must have been a fair few bets placed on it already,  but the 1st Portugal/2nd Spain bet does offer some value at 3/1.

Some mid priced bets you may fancy placing on this very unique betting market include the 1st Spain/2nd Morocco on which you can get odds of 6/1. The 1st Spain/2nd Iran result which is valued packed at 9/1 and possible the 1st Portugal/2nd Morocco bet at 16/1.

However, if you think the bet that will win will be the 1st Portugal/2nd Iran the odds of 22/1 will certainly be enough to tempt you to place a bet and some other slightly better paying bets other than the 1st Morocco/2nd Spain bet at 22/1 include the 1st Morocco/2nd Portugal result at 35/1, the unlikely 1st Iran/2nd Spain result at 40/1 and the 1st Iran/2nd Portugal bet at 66/1.

You are probably going to be wasting your money betting on the 1st Morocco/2nd Iran result even though the pay-out odds are 125/1 or for that matter the 1st Iran/2nd Morocco result which has even bigger odds of 150/1 about it1

Bet with Paddy Power

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