Tricast and Combination Tricast Bets

How good are you are picking out the winners of greyhound and horse races? Well, if you do seem to be quite good at doing so how about challenging yourself to trying to pick out not only which horses or greyhounds will win any race they are running in, but also just which ones will also come second and third in any race too?

The rewards for picking out the first, second and third placed finishers in any upcoming horse or greyhound race can be huge, and it will all be dependent on their starting prices as to just how big those winnings will be!

That type of bet for reference is known as a Tricast bet, and you will find that every single one of our approved and featured betting sites are going to allow you to place such a bet.

As for the stakes that you can place on such a bet, well that is completely up to you, but be aware that once the result of any race is known a Tricast dividend will then be declared which is declared to a £1 unit stake, so you will be paid out pro-rata based on whether you place a stake lower or high than £1 on a winning Tricast bet.

10% Bonus on All Winning Tricast Bets

There are often going to be a range of boosted and enhanced winning pay-outs when you place certain bets at some of our featured betting sites, and one betting site that gives winning Tricast bets a 10% boost in value is BetFred, so if you do get the urge to place such a bet online make sure it is at their betting site you place your bets at to take advantage of that bonus winning pay-out!

If you want to pick out two horses or greyhounds to win and come second in any race that they are both running in but want to have them covered to come first or second in any order, then you need to mark your bet as a Reverse Tricast, the cost of that bet is of  course double that is a standard Tricast but the additional stake covers your selections to come first or second in any order.

In fact, you can pick out any number of runners in any race and have them covered in a Combination Tricast bet but do keep in mind that the more runners you pick the more bets you will be placing to have them covered in every single permutation of finishing in first or second place.

Take for example when you have chosen to pick out three horses in a race and you want them covered in every possible way to come first or second, there are six possible ways those horses can finish in first or second place so you will need to place a total of six times your unit stake on such a bet to have them all covered to finish first or second in any order!

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