Track Facts from Perth

It has been well over one hundreds year since Perth racecourse held its first race and this is one of those racecourses where you just know you are going to see some excellent displays of National Hunt racing whenever there is a race meetings scheduled!

If you ever do fancy paying a visit to the racecourse then a couple of things to be aware of is that the admission prices have been set to some very reasonable amounts and the address of the racecourse is  Scone Palace Park, Perth PH2 6BB.

You do have the option of watching the races on Racing UK and you can of course bet online or on a mobile betting app, however nothing can replace the thrill and excitement of visiting a racecourse, so do consider doing so!

About Perth Racecourse


If you are of the mind that the jockey up onboard a horse will increase or decrease its winning chances or that a trainer can have a massive influence on any horses chance of winning a race, which it can do, then read on for lots of valuable information about the best jockeys and trainers and a lot more besides!

In-Form Jockeys at Perth Racecourse

If you enjoy backing horses that are being ridden by the in-form and top jockeys at racecourse at Perth then you do of course need to know how they are, and for reference the top five at this course currently are Brian Hughes, Sean Bowen, Stephen Mulqueen, Ross Chapman and Miss Lilly Pinchin.

Perth Racecourse Top Trainers

It is the likes of Peter Bowen, Iain Jardine, Fergal O’Brien, Lucinda Russell and Nicky Henderson who are the top trainers at Perth racecourse and their horses do seem to have mastered the very fine art running around that course, and also winning too!

Where to Bet on Perth Races

There will of course be plenty of pool betting opportunities and on-course bookies at the racecourse up in Perth, however you will probably find the best value can be had bet opting to place your bets and wagers online or via a betting app.

In fact, by clicking onto any of our links to visit the Bruce Betting website you will not only be assured of plenty of horse racing and other sports betting opportunities they also have a rather unique sign up welcome bonus on offer, so do make sure you check it out!

Horses with the Best Record at Perth

Champ, Subcontinent, Curious Carlos, Jacks Last Hope and Creevytennant are currently the five race horses that are the course specialists at Perth, those being the ones with the best ride to win ration on the course!

Perth Top Owners

Quite a large number of different owners do send their horses up to Perth on race days, but it is the likes of Ian G M Dalgleish, John P McManus, Shire Birds, Carl Pyne and John Kenny that are the top owners at those course and have won plenty of races and have bagged lots of prize money between them there too!


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