Track Facts from Brighton

One racecourse that is way down south in the UK and is very near to the beach is the racecourse at Brighton, and you should not have a problem finding it as it is easy to win on Freshfield Rd, and it is during the summer months when this course really does come to life!

It is a course that is owned and operated by Arena Racing Company who are famed for their first class racecourses and the admission fees are reasonable, especially due to the fact there are plenty of facilities there.

But it will be Flat racing you will be watching and possibly betting on if you do visit the course, but as always there is the option to sit back at home and both watch each race at Brighton as the At the Races TV channel broadcasts all races live and all betting sites will be offering betting markets on this course too.

About Brighton Racecourse

If you do fancy an excellent day out racing, and want to have a chance of winning too at Brighton Racecourse then please do read on, for below I will enlightening you on several different facts regarding trainers, jockeys and owners that have some good luck at this course and will be ones worth following!

In-Form Jockeys at Brighton Racecourse

Jason Watson, Luke Morris, Kieran O’Neill, Sean Levy and Pat Cosgrave are the top jockeys at this racecourse and may be worth following, but keep in mind they do have a lot of rides on most race days so not every horse they ride will win!

Brighton Racecourse Top Trainers

Each racecourse is of course going to have a list of trainers whose horses perform extremely well, and the top five trainers that you will find at Brighton racecourse are John Bridger, Philip Hide, Malcolm Saunders, Eve Johnson Houghton and Richard Hannon.

Where to Bet on Brighton Races

Betway have become famous as a betting site that does like to give back to racing, and one thing you are going to find is that they do sponsor a hell of a lot of races around the UK, and that does mean on any races they are sponsoring they will be offering slightly better odds.

If you haven’t yet joined up to and become a member of their betting site then by clicking onto any of our links to their betting site you will then instantly qualify for our exclusive bonus offer, when you register and then place your very first bet!

Horses with the Best Record at Brighton

If you want to follow and bet on horses that excel at just one racecourse then those that do at this one include Live Dangerously, Archimento, Tin Hat, Carraigin Aonair and Nutini.

Brighton Top Owners

Brighton is a place where some owners do have some good luck time and time again with the horses they own and send to the course and the top owners currently include W A Wood, Forever Optimists, Eden Racing IV, Mrs L F Wei and Ready Steady Go.

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