Track Facts from Bath Racecourse

How do you fancy a day watching and possibly betting on flat races, well if you do there are of course plenty of UK racecourses that are holding meetings throughout the summer months, and one of those courses is Bath racecourse!

The address of the course is Lansdown, Bath BA1 9BU, and it is one of several courses that are run to the very highest standards by their parent company, that being Arena Racing Company, and to be honest the admission prices of this course are by no way excessive, as is sadly the case with most others.

You are of course no longer required to visit the racecourse if you want to both bet on any horses running at Batch for you can tune into the At the Races TV channel and watch each race from home and bet on your computer or mobile device!

About Bath Racecourse

This guide is going to reveal to you all manner of interesting facts regarding the top trainers, the best jockeys along with the owners that have the best record of sending winners to Bath, so if you want to add that information into the mix when you are trying to pick out possible winners then please do read on!

In-Form Jockeys at Bath Racecourse

The first place I should start is by naming the jockeys that tend to win more races at Batch than any other, and there are five of them that are leading the way and they are Charles Bishop, Franny Norton, Silvestre De Sousa, Joshua Bryan and Finley Marsh.

Bath Racecourse Top Trainers

Now, when it comes to trainers there are of course hundreds of them that regularly send horses to Batch racecourse, but those that have sent the most winners recently include Mick Channon, Ronald Harris, Ken Cunningham-Brown, Brian Barr and Rod Millman.

Where to Bet on Bath Races

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Horses with the Best Record at Bath

The horses that are classed as the course specialist at Bath are Charming Guest, The Daley Express, Toolatetodelegate, Juneau and Kinks, so always be on the lookout for any of them running there is my advice!

Bath Top Owners

The following owners have a proven track record regarding their horses winning the most races at Batch, David Hudd, Chris Wright & Ann Black, John Guest Racing, M Channon, The W H O Society and Inspire Racing Club & Partner.

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