Thoughts on the Upcoming World Cup in Russia

It doesn’t feel like it was four years ago that we were cheering on our home teams at the last World Cup! But time has quickly flown by and in June this year we will be doing that all over again in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which as you are probably more than aware is being held in Russia.

With that in mind, and as I am more than aware plenty of you out there will be very interested in placing some bets throughout that major football tournament, I want to enlighten you on not just that standard types of bets and wagers you can place, but some of the more unusual and unique ones.

Not only that, but as is always the case, there are some teams that are currently pencilled in as firm favourites to win the Group Stages, and even make it through to the final, however there is plenty of value to be had by you considering one of the underdogs to get through those stages and make it to the final few games.

Value is something I would encourage you to always have in the forefront of your mind when betting on any matches that make up the World Cup final stages, and that is something I am going to be educating you about below, and I will also be pointing you in the right direction as to where to place your bets and ways to ensure you get the maximum winning pay-outs when those bets win too!

Outright Winner Betting Markets

Many betting sites are going to be offering something known as fixed odds on their outright winner betting markets on the FIFA World Cup 2018, but only up to the moment in time that the first group matches start, for that is when teams are going to start getting knocked out of the tournament.

Those teams still in the tournament will then have their odds readjusted, and as such there is value to be had by you placing bets on the team you think is going to win now, rather than wait until the group stages are in play or even over with.

The teams that are currently joint favourites to win are Brazil at 9/2 and Germany at 9/2, and their odds will drop if they do make it through the group stages. Other teams high up on bookmakers betting markets that do have a chance of winning include France at 11/2, Spain at 13/2 and Argentina at 9/1.

Teams whose odds are in double figures and do have something of a reasonable chance of winning the cup include Belgium at 10/1, England at 16/1 and both Portugal and Uruguay are on offer at 25/1. All other teams are on offer at odds of at least 28/1, and the rank outsider that no one expects to win are Saudi Arabia whose odds of doing so are huge at 1000/1!

Select the Two Teams to Make it Through to the Final

One novelty bet you can place is one on which you must correctly predict two teams that are going to be the ones that make it through to the final game, and by placing such a bet right now you are going to find some generous odds available.

If that is something you are prepared to bet on I will now rattle through some of the bets that have low to high odds attached to them, based on the two teams you select.

The most likely teams to reach the final, based on their current odds are Germany / Brazil at 11/1.

However, for a speculative bet and some much better odds, consider placing a bet on Argentina / Belgium at 40/1, or the neighbouring teams of Spain / Portugal at 66/1 or how about trying to some massive odds on Belgium / Croatia at 125/1, Portugal / Russia at 225/1 or even Croatia / Poland at 350/1?

Teams Most Likely to Qualify at the Group Stages

As the excitement begins to rise as the group stages of this year’s FIFA World Cup gets closer, you are bound to be tempted to place a few bets here and there on which teams you think will qualifying in each of their respective groups.

Therefore, in this next section of this guide I will be looking at just which teams should, if their ranking and current form is anything to go by, qualify in each of their respective groups.

Just keep in mind though that it is always down to just how well each team plays on the pitch that will ultimately determine whether they get through the group stages of course!

Being the host nation, it will be hoped by Russian fans that Russia does manage to qualify in Group A, and the odds do give you a clear indication of their chances of doing so, for they are currently second favourite in that group to qualify at odds of 3/10, with Uruguay being the supposed red-hot favourite in that group at 1/4.

It is up to you whether you bet on Group B but with the two teams heading that market being Spain at 1/14 and Portugal at an equally low 1/6, there are going to be some much better paying betting propositions on offer!

If France do not qualify in Group C there will be a lot of disgruntled fans and sports bettors too, for they have been back right down to 1/16 to qualify in that group and its hard to see them not doing so.

There are two teams in Group D that are available at odds-on and they are Argentina, who let’s face it have the skill to qualify and the team to do so to and their odds are 1/8 along with Croatia who quite a lot of punters do think are going to do well in this tournament, and their odds of qualifying are 1/2.

It is hard to see Brazil not qualifying in the World Cup group stages this year, but like most of the other favourites to qualify in their respective groups, the value of their 1/16 odds on doing so are not that appealing or generous either.

One of the favourites to win the World Cup this year is of course Germany, but to have any chance of doing so they need to get through the group stages and their odds of doing so are around the 1/12 mark to do so, the group they are in, in case you have not already worked it out is Group F.

It looks like a coin toss regarding whether to bet on Belgium or England to top Group G, and if you do fancy having a bet on which of them will qualify the odds available on Belgium doing so are 1/12 and those associated with England doing so are 1/8.

Group H is the group which has the best odds on each of the teams in it qualifying, for you can get 2/5 on Colombia qualifying, 4/7 on Poland doing so, and Senegal are on offer at 11/8 and Japan who could come up trumps are available readily at odds of 7/4.