The Greyhound Derby 2018

The Greyhound Derby 2018

Sadly, over the last decade or so, greyhound racing in the UK has been on the decline. In fact, there are now no greyhound tracks in London! However, one event in the greyhound racing calendar that has stood the test of time and is still going strong to this day is the Greyhound Derby.

Bet on Greyhound Racing at event was first held way back in 1927, and whilst the venues that host the races that make up the Greyhound Derby have changed over the years, there are still plenty of trainers who make the trip over to the current host track that being the Towcester Greyhound Stadium.

The sponsor of the event is Star Sports, and they have ensured the long-term survival of this classic greyhound race, which is held on a sand track and the final race is run over 500 meters which is 1,600 feet.

Only four greyhounds to date has ever won this event more than once, and the very first winner was Entry Badge. The first greyhound to win the Greyhound Derby more than once was Mick the Millar who many fans of the sport avidly remember.

Thanks to the sponsorship by Star Sports the prize fund for the Greyhound Derby now stands at some £350,000, with the winner of the final race winning some £175,000 for its owner. Whilst you may not have any interest in greyhound racing, one thing that may force you to have a bet on this year’s event are the huge odds that are currently available on the ante post betting markets.

Each Way and Win Odds on the 2018 Greyhound Derby

With several betting sites offering one quarter of the odds on the place part of an each-way bet to six places, at this very early stage of the 2018 Greyhound Derby betting market place you should consider placing an each-way bet, as the odds on all the greyhounds are high.

The odds are going to start to move as the races get underway and the runners get dwindled down, however currently the two greyhounds that are the joint favourites to win are Droopys Davy and Droopys Biker at 16/1.

Three other greyhounds that are in with an excellent chance of winning or at the very least getting placed are Rising Brandy, Droopys Verve and Bruisers Bullet, and all three dogs are readily available at this early stage of the betting at odds of 20/1.

You should also consider including in a few well thought out each-way types of bets Droopys Expert, Borna Gin and possibly also Dorotas Wildcat for all three of those greyhounds are available at odds of 25/1.

A handful of other greyhounds that may make the grade during the races that make up each part of the 2018 Greyhound Derby include Tyrur Shay at 33/1 and also Magical Bale at 35/1, but with so many other greyhounds taking place in this event I will leave it up to you to pick out the ones that you think will win or at the very least get placed!

Plenty of Addition Greyhound Bets Available

Each individual race that makes up the collection of heats for the Greyhound Derby will see six greyhounds running in those races, and you can of course place a win, or each way bet on each of those heats.

However, each race does also open-up to punters a huge array of additional bets too, and as such let me guide you through what other types of bets may be of interest to you.

Many betting sites offer a bet known as the Trap Challenge bet, and to place such a bet you must pick the trap number that will produce the most winning greyhounds during any one single meeting.

By placing something known as a Straight Forecast bet you must select a greyhound you think will win the race but also the greyhound that you think is going to finish in second place too, and by placing such a bet once the race is run a dividend will be declared to a 1.00 unit stake, which all winning bets are paid out of, you can of course place any value of bet on such a bet.

A Tricast bet is one of which you must pick the first, second and third placed greyhound on any individual race to finish in the order you predicted, and much like the bet above once the race Is run a dividend is then declared to a 1.00-unit stake.

Winners of the Last Few Runnings of the Greyhound Derby

It was only last year that the Greyhound Derby moved to its new host track, that being the Towcester track, whist is did so due to the closure of the Wimbledon greyhound track.

The winner of that very first race held at Towcester in 2017 was Astute Missile and its trainer was Seamus Cahill, what made that win a sweet one for punters was its starting price odds of a huge 28/1 and the greyhound winning time was 28.92.

The last running of the Greyhound Derby at Wimbledon was in the year of 2016 and the winner of that final was Jaytee Jet trained by Paul Hennessy, it was the 15/8 favourite and the winning time over the 480 meters was 28.22. The race for reference now held at Towcester is run over 500 metres.

In 2015 it was Rio Quattro that took home the price money for its trainer Danny Riordan who is based in Harlow, and the odds of that winner was 5/1 who recorded a winning time on the final race of some 28.24.

One additional race to tell you about was the 2014 Greyhound Derby which was won by the comically named Salad Dodger trained by Bruno Berwick, that greyhound proved to be worth punters faith and those punters who did choose to back that dog on the track on the day were rewarded with win odds of 16/1 and the winning time was 28.38.

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