Tennis Related Betting Scams

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Tennis Related Betting Scams

Tennis is sadly suffering from serious corruption these days, so much so that a task force has been set up to investigate corruption at all levels, and in a recent report it has been found that many players are not only aware of corruption of the sport but are also part and parcel of that corruption too!

Match fixing has been found to be widespread across the sport, and it is the lower levels of the sport that is experiencing an increase in rigged and fixed games, as opposed to any of the major tournaments.

A recent survey of some 3,2000 tennis players has also found that just over fourteen percent of those players had first hand knowledge of match fixing, which should and will strike fear into the hearts of bookmakers and those tasked with policing the sport!

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The cause of the problem would appear to be the fact that back in 2012, the ITF, that being the International Tennis Federation did a deal with a company called Sport Radar who distribute data feeds from all tennis matches including the lower level ones to betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers across the globe.

That then allows those gambling related companies to offer odds and Tennis betting opportunities to their customers on most tennis matches being played anywhere in the world.

The amount of money associated with such low-level tennis matches by way of prize money is tiny, and therefore any unscrupulous tennis players who are approached by a betting fraudster to throw a match in return for a handsome pay-out are going to be tempted to do so, as the risk of getting caught is sadly very low.

In fact, it has been alleged that those in charge with overseeing matches, such as umpires are often paid off to look the other way too, and when you have a tennis player and umpire working in unison the chances of any scams and game rigging being discovered are even lower.

There is no long-term solution in place to tackle such corruption in tennis, in fact some people are suggesting that the only way to tackle it would be to stop betting sites from being able to offer bets and wagers on the lower level tennis matches.

However, with such matches often attracting a lot of money for betting sites that is something most betting companies are against, unless of course they end up being defrauded by many fraudster’s who have rigged some of the games they have had bets placed on and have had to pay out large sums of money on!

If you do fancy placing bets and wagers on any lower level tennis matches, then you need to keep your wits about you, and be aware that corruption in the game is rife, and probably will be for quite some time too!

But you will have complete peace of mind in knowing that all bets you place on the major Tennis tournaments are safe as corruption in the higher levels of the sport is rare.

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