Teams to Include On Your UEFA League C Acca Bets

If you are trying to work out just which teams to include on your football Acca bets this week, then keep in mind that there are several UEFA League C matches that are going to be in play throughout the course of the week, and some of the teams playing this week have an outstanding chance of winning their matches too.

So with that in mind allow me to point you in hopefully the right direction as to just which of those teams may just be worth backing and including on an Acca bet. To ensure the odds I will be mentioning below are available to you, they are on offer currently at the BetFred betting site, so that is where you should be placing such a bet this week!

Whilst the odds on offer on Hungary top win their match against Estonia and not that huge, in fact at BetFred they are offering odds of 2/5 they are expected to win that match so that is certainly one team worth including on your Acca bet this week.

That match is in play on November the 15th as too is the match between Greece and Finland, and it is Finland that I think are going to win that match and their current odds of doing so are for reference 5/6.

Bulgaria and Norway Could Win Too

Moving onto the 16th of November, well you have two matches to try and work out just which teams are going to win those two matches and those matches are Cyprus v Bulgaria and Slovenia v Norway.

I am of the mind, and you are possibly too that the away teams have by far and away the best chances of winning each of those two UEFA League C matches, and BetFred are actually offering the exact same odds on both teams winning, and those odds are 8/5.

Serbia, Scotland and Romania Favourites to Win

The more football teams you include on an Acca bet the much bigger your potential winnings could be, and there are three teams that will be playing on the 17th of November 2018 that may just win their respective matches.

It is Serbia that are expected to win their match against Montenegro at win odds currently of 2/5, in the Albania v Scotland I am of the mind that it is Scotland that are going to take all the beating, and if that is a view that you share too then now is the time to take advantage of the 8/5 odds that BetFred are offering tight now.

As far as the Romania v Lithuania match goes, any other result than a win for Romania would be a shock, and their win odd do accurately reflect their chances of winning that match and those odds  are 1/4.

There is also a match in play on the 19th of November and that is the Cyprus v Norway match, it is Norway that should take all the beating and they are 4/5 to win that match by the way!

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