Straight, Reverse and Combination Forecast Bets

It can be hard enough trying to pick out the winner of any greyhound or horse race, however if you fancy trying one of the much harder to win with bets, but one that can return some massive payouts, then allow me to introduce you to a straight forecast bet.

That type of bet requires you to correctly name either the first and second runners that pass the finishing line in a horse or greyhound race.

As soon as any greyhound or horse race has been run the course or track will declare a straight forecast dividend, which is always declared to a £1 stake. As such if you do correctly predict the first and second placed roses or greyhound you will win that dividend for each £1 you wagered on your bet or a pro rata payout if you wagered a smaller amount than one Pound!

The odds that the first and second placed horses or greyhound won at are what are used to determine the winning dividend, so the dividend announced when a favourite wins a race and the second favourite comes second will always be lower than when two outsiders full those two spots!

BetFred Round Up Forecast Dividends

You have probably got used to the BetFred betting site and their excellent range of promotional offers, for as one of our top rated and approved betting sites they are famed for giving their customers more.

However, what you may not be aware of that is no matter what type of straight forecast bet you place with them, they are always going to round the dividend up to the next pound, so you are always guaranteed to getting much higher straight forecast dividends if you may the wise decision of betting with them!

 Combination Forecasts

You are not just restricted to picking out two selection when you fancy placing a straight forecast bet, for you are going to be able to pick out any number of greyhounds or horses that are running in the same race and have them all permed together in what is known as a combination forecast bet.

What you are obliged to do however is to ensure that you have every single permutation covered by a stake when placing such a bet, so if for example you choose to pick out three horses and cover them all in a combination forecast bets that bet will cost you a total of 6 stakes.

That is due to their being six different ways that those three horses could finish in first and second place. If we give the horses for example a number, the six bets will cover 1,2, 1,3, 2,1, 2,3, 3,1 and 3,2 so no matter in what order your greyhounds finish, as long as they do fill the first and second spot you will receive a winning dividend.

You can pick out more than three horses or greyhounds, but just be aware that the more of them that you do pick the higher the total stake will be to have them all covered in every single combination.

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