Smart Money Bets on This Weekend Premier League Matches

good site for betting on footballLet me get straight down to business, and give you the names of a few teams that are certainly going to be worth backing in each of this coming weekends’ Premier League match, those being the ones being played on the 5th, 6th and 7th of October 2018.

Friday night is when you are going to be able to watch the Brighton v West Ham match and if you are thinking of betting on that match, Bruce Betting are one of the UKs best betting sites and where you should be placing you bets for they are offering odds of 13/8 on a Brighton win, 23/10 on the draw as well as offering big odds of 17/10 on a West Ham win too.

You will find a very well balanced set of odd are going to also be offered to you at the Bruce Betting site if you want to bet on the match between Burnley v Huddersfield, for they are currently going 11/10 on Burnley winning, 21/10 on the draw and also offering odds of 3/1 on a Huddersfield win too.

It looks like Crystal Palace may not win their match against Wolves this Saturday, however I will leave the decision as to whether you should back them to not up to you, suffice to say though Bruce Betting will give you odds of 15/8 on a Place win, 11/5 on the draw and 8/5 on Wolves winning that match!

Leicester and Spurs Look Likely to Win

If you are of the mind that in the Leicester v Everton it will be the home team that will win, and plenty of punters do think exactly that, then Bruce Betting are offering odds on this match of 5/4 on a home team win, 9/4 on the draw and also going 23/10 on an away team win too.

It does look like at odds of 1/4 that the home team in the Spurs v Cardiff match cannot possibly lose, however if you do not think they will win that match the odds on a draw are 5/1 and you can also get 11.1 on a Cardiff win too!

Some Other Matches Worth a Punt!

You will not find a better set of odds on offer on the Watford v Bournemouth than are currently available at Brice Betting and the odds they are giving away currently on all three possible outcomes in that match are 23/20 on Watford winning, the draw is chalked up and easy to back at odds of 5/2 and you can also back Bournemouth at big odds of 12/5 to.

As for the odds on offer on the Man Utd v Newcastle, it probably will not surprise you to learn that it is Manchester United that are the odds on favourites to win that match at odds of 4/9, you can also back the draw at 10/3 and if your loyalties lay with Newcastle then why not have a bet on them at Bruce Betting as by doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 13/2!

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