Rugby Betting Guide

Rugby Betting Guide

All Rugby League and Rugby Union fans are not only able to place bets on their favourite teams winning any matches they play, but with plenty of other options available for betting on either code, this article is going to introduce you to different ways on how to bet on them and a few other handy tips too.

What I would suggest you do, if you are about to place a bet on rugby for the very first time is sit back, read through this guide and then decided which types of bets and wagers will suit you best, for make no mistake about it, there are a plethora of unique and some quite novel bets you can place.

Also keep in mind that when you are betting on rugby or for that matter any sport you will want to get back as much winnings as you can when you win, which is one of the topics I am going to be covering in this guide to rugby betting, and those winnings at times, can, if everything goes to plan be huge!

Commonly Placed Rugby Bets and Wagers

As in any sport you are not only going to have the ability of betting on any one team to win a match when you set about betting on rugby matches, for all betting sites, betting apps and even land-based betting venues will offer a plethora of unique betting opportunities, and below are some rugby bets which you may just fancy placing.

The most basic type of rugby bet you can place is going to see you having to do nothing more than pick the team you hope will win a match, and all betting sites will have an outright betting markets that will allow you to place such bets.


You are also going to find that you can bet also on any team to win a tournament, cup, trophy or finish at the top of their respective leagues too, however the earlier you place such bets the better odds you will usually secure on your chosen team.


The total point scored betting markets are famed for offering high odds, on those punters that can correctly predict just how many points will be scored in any one individual rugby match, however also do keep in mind the odds that will be on offer will represent the likelihood of you picking out the total number of points scored in any match.

Most rugby fans of either code will of course also have their own personal favourite players, and as such do consider placing a bet on your favourite player to score either the first or last try in a rugby match, as the odds available can often be quite high on that betting market.

An over and under betting markets could also become available to you at some betting sites, and when you come across such a betting market the betting site will choose a point score, and you are then faced with betting on whether the total number of points will be under or over the points chosen by the betting sites.

That type of bet is very popular with rugby sports bettors for there is of course a 50/50 chance of you guessing correctly! Also if you do fancy trying to win big you could also consider perming lots of rugby matches together on a parlay or accumulator type of bet, and that bet will be a winning one if all of the teams you have listed to win do then go on to win their respective matches!

Rugby Betting Bonuses

Part and parcel of you locking in additional betting value is by you getting your head around the many different types of rugby betting bonuses that are going to become available when you do start to bet online, and they are guaranteed to be much more generous in their design that bonuses offered to you from a land-based betting shop or sportsbook!

You will of course be initially offered a sign up welcome bonus by signing up to any of our featured betting sites, and what you should do is read through the terms and conditions to ensure that you are able to claim those bonuses and then place bets with the bonus credits on rugby matches!

Cash back bonuses are another hugely popular type of betting bonus, and when you do take advantage of them, you first need to place a bet on a rugby match and if that bet turns out to be a losing one you are then paid back your stake money either as cash or as a free bet!

Most betting sites also have some form of loyalty scheme, and they do become generous when you place higher volumes bets and wagers at such sites, so that is another thing to keep in mind too!

Where to Place Rugby Bets

Paying a visit to a land-based sportsbook or betting office can and will be time consuming these days, and by doing so you are going to be forced to have to take the odds that are being offered to you by the operator of that venue and as such they will have a monopoly on those odds!

That is of course one of the main reasons why the number of online and mobile betting sites and apps have been growing in number over the years, for both the online and mobile betting environments do open a huge range of betting opportunities for punters and allows them to pick and choose where they bet of course.

Betting online or via a mobile device is something that you should be actively doing, for by doing so you are never going to be in a position, which you would be when betting in a land-based venue of being forced to take the odds you are offered, as you can shop around and compare the odds from several different sites to allow you to get the best possible odds on all rugby matches!

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