There is no shame attached to you admitting you have a gambling problem, and as such I want to dedicate this section of our website to introducing you to ways that you can get practical help and support if you do feel your gambling activities have got out of hand.

You are probably tired of reading on responsible gambling pages how for most people gambling is not a problem, but for a small majority of people it is, and whilst that is true as someone who is experiencing problems with a gambling addition, you do not need to be patronised.

As such if you do feel your gambling has got out of hand, and it is affecting different parts of your day to day life, or is costing you a small fortune, then please read on, for below I am going to let you know how you can get help with that problem.

Seeking Professional Help and Support

As you may never have approached a third party for help and support regarding any type of gambling problem, I would like to enlighten you on just how beneficial it will be when you go about doing so.

You will find, that when visiting the website of most gambling problem related charities an online forum, in which you can sign up and seek help and support from other users of that forum, or you can often find a helpline that you can phone at any time of the night or day.

But several gambling support charities will offer face to face sessions, either with a counsellor or you can visit a venue somewhere nearby where you live and take part in a group session.

I personally feel that it is going to be worth considering visiting a group session, for you are going to be talking to people who have been or still are in a position that you find yourself in. But it can be very daunting walking through the doors of that venue and taking part in such a session.

I would encourage you to but on your inner strength and do make the concerted effort to visit such a group session, for when you come away at the end of it you will know you are not alone with your gambling problems, and you will have access to a support network too.

If you are worried about what to expect when visiting a group session, then do not be, for you will be able to get there quite some time before it begins, and one person will be the designated organiser of that event on the day you choose to visit, so you can introduce yourself to that person before the session begins.

You will then be sat in a circle with everyone else how is attention that session, and one by one everybody introduces themselves. Once the introductions are over way the chosen person will then say a few words and open the floor to anybody who does wish to say anything.

What you will then here are stories form those other people explaining how the past week or few days for them have been and anything that they have been able to achieve since the last visit they made to the meeting.

You will also be given the option of talking, and what I would advise you to is to open up, explain who you are and then go into detail regarding your current situation and how gambling has affected you.

By doing so you will then get feedback, comments and suggestions from other people attending that meeting who will offer you sound practical advice on how to move forward, they will always do so in a non-judgmental way.

If, at the end of the meeting you want to attend another one then you are always going to be made more than welcome, but if you are serious about giving up gambling and getting your life back on track then you will have access to someone known as a sponsor.

That is simply one of the members of the group that you feel comfortable with and relate to, and you will be given that persons phone number. As such in between that session and the next one you attend if you feel you need to chat to someone for any reason you are always going to be able to phone up your chosen sponsor.

I really do urge you to attend such a meeting for when you do you will often find you come away from the meetings feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Ways to Help Yourself Moving Forward

It will always be your decision to stop gambling, and it does have to be one that you are committed to doing, for it is way too easy to gamble online, on a mobile device or even pay a visit to any land-based brick and mortar gambling venue.

One piece of advice I would like to pass onto you and for you to consider is to put the risk of gambling out of your reach, and by that you should consider reducing the risk of you having access to funds to gamble with.

Consider giving your bank cards, credit cards and any other way you have of accessing cash to someone you know and trust, and whenever you need some cash ask them to take it out of your account for you.

That may seem like a very drastic step to take but believe me if you are in the grip of a gambling addition problem if you are left to your own devices there is a very good chance that fi you do have access to money you will gamble it away.

You do need to seek the support of someone, and if you are married, have a partner or are even single if you can do tell at least one of your family members, as they will be very supportive of you and can be relied on to offer you the additional help and support you need.

It will also be worth you closing down every single online and mobile betting site account you can do, and you will find each of them have a self-exclusion service on offer to you on which as soon as you do self-exclude yourself from any gambling site your accounts will be closed and you will never be permitted to gamble there again.

You can also self-exclude yourself from many land-based brick and mortar gambling venues in your locality, and to do so you will need to fill in a form and follow the details laid out on that form, and you will then be banned from those premises.

Never underestimate the importance of doing everything in your power to put the temptation of gambling out of your reach, if you fail to do so then there will be a very good chance that you will relapse and will get back into your old gambling habits, and may end up in a worse position than the one you are currently experiencing, find help and support and use it!