Paddypower Review

As you are going to be faced with literally hundreds of different sportsbooks and betting sites, you are always going to be best advised to spend some time picking out the ones that are best suited to your betting style and are of course offering you the betting opportunities you are looking for.

It is with that in mind I have chosen to compile the following very definitive review of the Paddy Power betting site, for when it comes to offering a fully rounded betting experience, they are one of the leaders of the field, and a very warm welcome will await you.

What you should always make a point of finding out are just how you can bet at any sportsbook, what offers, and deals are available to you and a plethora of additional information that will allow you to make a sound decision as to just which one to sign up to.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that Paddy Power are going to be offering you everything you do need to have a fully rounded and enjoyable sports betting experience, and one you will want to return to too!

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Promotions and Offers at Paddy Power

You tend to find that most betting sites always have similar types of promotional offers available to their customers, much more so when it comes to sign up and welcome promotions, however there is nothing standard about the offers and deals that will be on offer to you from Paddy Power.

They have their own promotions team, who are best famed for dreaming up some of the most unusual, bizarre but always worth claiming offers and deals, and with that in mind you should make a point of checking out their website to find out just what is on offer to you when you sign up.

Their welcome bonus package will be just the start of your bonus journey with them, for they will always offer, every single day of the week a range of additional betting promotions, some of which will allow you to claim your losses back on certain sports bets!

The terms and conditions of each bonus and promotion al offer and deal will of course need reading through, but by doing so you will never fall foul on any of those terms and conditions and bonus play rules, so make sure that you do check them out and read them through.

Paddy Power Betting Platforms

Apart from visiting a Paddy Power betting shop and betting in person, there are two other ways that you can place a bet with them, the first being via their online betting platform, or you can choose to make use of their fully downloadable mobile app.

But be under no illusion, whichever betting platform or method you choose to bet with Paddy Power you are going to have at your fingertips a huge and very diverse range of different betting opportunities.

Paddy Power do also cater for both low rollers and high rollers, and as such no matter how large or small your bankroll or gambling budget is, you are going to find that they can and will cater for your betting activities and all odds on each of their betting platforms are updated in real time.

Regarding with betting platform that is going to be best suited to you personally, that of course is a decision you will have to make but do consider trying out both their online and mobile betting platforms to see how they both work and operate.

Sports Betting Opportunities

The head office of Paddy Power is huge, and they have odds compilers that specialize in every single type of sporting events and as such whenever you log onto their online betting site or make use of their mobile betting app you really are going to be spilt for choice as to what to bet on.

It is very far to say that if you can think of a sports betting opportunity then you are going to find it on offer at paddy Power and being a major player in the industry they are famed for their slightly above average odds too.

What you should however always try and do is couple their generous odds with some or even all their ongoing promotional offer, for that way by doing so you will often find you are locking in a huge amount of additional; betting value.

I am more than confident that when you do start to bet with Paddy Power you are never going to have the need or get the urge to try out and bet at any other sports betting sites, so give them a try and see just how good they are for yourself, as you will not be disappointed!


As Paddy Power started off operating betting shops and offices in Ireland, and as you would expect they are fully licensed and regulated there, but as they have expanded their operation across the globe they have applied for and have been grated gambling licenses to operate in a slew of other countries too.

Therefore, there is a very good chance that you do live or reside in one of their permitted judications, but as they continue to expand you should checkout their website to see if the country you do live in is one in which they hold a gambling license, and if so then you will have no difficulties being able to open an account.

But as the legal minimum age to gamble can and often does vary from country to country, you will need to ensure you are old enough to gamble in the country in which you are based, and will need to prove your age, address and your identity by sending into their account verification team copies of your identification documents when requested to do so.

They do also have gambling limit option settings on offer to all customers, so by logging into your account you can then choose just how much you wish to deposit and set things such as the length of any gambling session you wish to have and set a loss limit too.

Customer Support

Knowing that you are going to have help on hand if you run into any type of problems when gambling at sites such as Paddy Power is always good to know, and you will therefore be pleased to hear that they do offer a comprehensive customer support service, that is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whilst there are going to be several different ways that you can get in touch with their support team members, it is probably bets that you contact them via telephone or via instant chat, as that way you will be put in touch with them instantly and will never have to wait for a reply.

To ensure that you always know where you stand when betting with Paddy Power you will have a full audit trail available to you, that will allow you to look up each individual bet placed with them and see if they have been settled or are still in play.

They do have a fully automated bet settling system in place too, and as such as soon as the results of any sporting events are known, then all bets placed on them are going to be settled straight away and with no delays.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Getting your winnings paid out to you in a timely fashion is something that all sports bettors should be demanding from any betting site they choose to utilize, and there are never going to be any delays when it comes to you cashing out your winnings at Paddy Power sportsbook.

Be aware though that you will have the option of not only making deposits using an array of different payment options, but there will also be plenty of withdrawal options available to you.

But some of them do allow you to get paid out your winnings much quicker than other methods, so if you do want hassle free and rapid winning pay-outs I would suggest you opt to use a web wallet, rather than requesting a bank wire or bank transfer. However, it is very safe to say that as soon as your account has been fully verified they will pay you out your winnings in no time at all.


Paddy Power are a betting site that you can trust, and I have no doubts what so ever that as soon as you do make what I feel is the very wise decision of becoming one of their customers you will never look back.

If you want to learn more about anything regarding their sports betting site or any of the many additional gambling sites they own and operate then pay a visit to their website, or if you do have any questions simply contact their support team, who will always be happy to help and will always respond rapidly too.

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