NFC Conference Winner Betting Markets

If American Football is your favourite sport, then now is going to be one of the best times for you to try and use your skill and judgement to pick out the team that is going to win the NFC Conference, for there are some huge odds available on many of the teams involved.

However, as the matches get played off and the results come in, those teams that are winning match after match are then going to have their respective odds shortened on the betting markets, so the sooner you place such a bet the better.

As it currently stands however there are two teams that are chalked up as the joint favourites to be crowned the NFC Conference winning and they are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams and the odds available on either of those two favourite teams to win are reasonable at 9/2.

However there are of course plenty of other teams that could be crowned the winner and two that are both 6/1 on the betting markets are the Green Bay Packers       and the Minnesota Vikings, so do consider betting on either of those two teams sooner rather than later if you do fancy their respective chances of winning!

Can the New Orleans Saints or the Carolina Panthers Win?

As it currently stands every single team playing in the NFC Conference does hold a chance of winning the title, so I would not put you off betting on any of them, but at the end of the day it is their odds currently available at all betting sites that do represent their chances of winning.

Two teams that are also attracting a fair bit off money off punters are the New Orleans Saints at odds of 8/1 align with the Carolina Panthers           whose odds are much higher at 14/1, in fact you may fancy either the Atlanta Falcons of the San Francisco 49ers to win, and if you do those two teams outright win odds are both 14/1 too!

All Other Teams Are Outsiders to Win!

Each of the other teams that are in the NFC Conference could win, but looking at their respective odds and the volumes of wagers being placed on them to do so, they have very little chance of winning and as such they are the outsiders.

Those teams and their odds include the likes of the Dallas Cowboys at 20/1, the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions can be had at odds of 25/1 and you will get 28/1 on teams such as the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks winning.

There are three teams that do appear friendless in the betting markets and they are of course the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are on offer at huge odds of 40/1, but the one team that is currently the rank outsider to win and probably will be as the matches start to get played off are the Arizona Cardinals and their odds are massive at 50/1!

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