Name the Score on the Russia vs Saudi Arabia Match

It has certainly been a long time coming, but finally at 16:00 this Thursday the very first match in the Group Stages of the World Cup 2018 tournament finally get underway, and it is of course the host nation, that being Russia that are going to be playing in that first match.

Their opponents are Saudi Arabia, and that match does look like one that Russia are going to win quite easily, and their odds of doing so are Russia 4/9.

But I am more than confident plenty of punters will also be betting on the draw, for the odds of the match ending in a draw are 16/5 and I would not put anyone off betting on Saudi Arabia to win and their odds of doing so are high at 8/1.

I do however feel that it is the correct score betting market that is going to be much more appealing to most punters, and with that in mind below are the respective odds I have found on offer on the most likely correct scores the match could end in.

Correct Score Betting

If there is going to be one score that the bookies will not want to see this match end in it is a 1-0 win to Russia, for that is the bet most punters are going to be betting on and the odds of that result are fair I suppose at 4/1.

However, there is nothing stopping you betting on Russia to win 2-0 at odds of 9/2 which is another popular bet, but the more goals that are scored the bigger the odds will become, a 2-1 win for Russia is on offer at odds of 8/1 and a 3-0 win for them can be had at odds currently of 17/2.

If you think the result will be 0-1 with Saudi Arabia winning, then  that correct score result bet is available at odds of  16/1, a 0-2 result going the way of Saudi Arabia can be had at odds of 40/1.

Whilst not many people think Saudi Arabia will win this match odds of 25/1 can be had on a 1-2 result with Saudi Arabia being the winning team and those odds jump to 100/1 if the final score is 1-3 with them being the winning team.

Correct Score Draw Betting Opportunities

There is of course the chance the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia match could end in a draw and the 0-0 result is available at odds of 15/2, which are much better value that on the outright betting market where the draw odds are just 16/5!

One bet that I think could be good value is the 1-1 draw result for the odds currently on offer are 7/1, you can bet on this match ending in a 2-2 draw at odds of 25/1, but the 3-3 draw is on offer at huge odds of 175/1.

Whilst it is highly unlikely this match will end in a 4-4 or even a 5-5 draw, if you think it will there are no shortages of betting sites that are going to be offering you odds of 500/1!

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