Mobile Betting Apps

Best Betting Apps

I cannot emphasise the importance of you downloading, installing and then using some Mobile betting apps, for by doing so you are never going to miss out on any potentially profitable betting opportunities as and when they may become available to you

best mobile betting apps are a must if you are serious about gambling

However, what you are going to discover when you start comparing just what each betting sites betting app is going to be offering you, is that no two betting apps are the same. As such it is important that you do ensure the one you finally choose to you is going to be offering you everything you need, to have a completely hassle-free betting experience.

Therefore, in this guide I am going to rattle through a few of the most important features that you should ensure any betting app has available, as by doing so you will always be able to place the exact type of bet when you want to place one and will always be assured of the highest betting odds too.

Obviously the first thing you are going to have to find is a betting app that offers the type and variety of betting opportunities on the sporting event you want to place, so it is obviously advisable not to download a betting app that specializes in horse racing, if you want to bet on football matches or golf!

Having said that though, each of our featured betting sites do have betting apps that offer every single type of sporting events and sporting fixtures you will find on their online betting platforms on their apps, so they are going to be the ones you will be best off downloading.

Live and Updated Betting Odds

No one wants to be short-changed when it comes to getting the highest possible returns on any winning bets you place, and as such another thing you should have on your checklist of wants and demands from any betting app you make use of are live and updated in real time odds.

Once again each of our featured betting sites do have apps on which all odds are constantly updated in real time, so the odds you will see are the ones you can take.

Mobile betting apps are essential of betting on the move.

But also, be aware there are going to be additional benefits of choosing to use a betting app that also offers in-play betting markets, those being betting markets that allow you to place a bet once any sporting event starts, and lets you place bets right up to the dying minutes or seconds of any sporting events.

If you also want to lay bets as well as place bets, then it will be betting exchange app that you should be looking to make use of. When you do so you can offer odds on any sporting events scheduled for the future or later in the same day, and if your odds are appealing enough other punters will place bets with you. When they lose you win, but when they win you lose, so keep that in mind!

Payment Options for Betting App Users

There is a rather unique type of payment option available on most betting apps, and that is a system known as a micro payment option,

What it will allow you to do is to have your deposits charged to your mobile phone bill, and as such you will not have to pay for those deposits until your next phone bill is sent out to you. If, however you have a prepaid phone, then as long as you have credit on your account you can still pay for your sportsbook account deposits using that balance.

You will of course still have the ability of funding your account using a credit card, debit card, prepaid voucher or any of the many different web and e-wallets, and you will also have just as many options available to you when it comes to withdrawing winnings from any mobile betting app account too, as you would when using an online betting platform.

You are still going to have your betting app account verified as you would do when using an online betting site account, but that is usually a fast and completely hassle-free procedure that doesn’t take too long.

However, keep in mind that if you have such an account already then you will often find that by downloading the betting app available from that site you will be able to use your online log in username and password on the betting app, so you will not have to waste any time signing up again.