MLB World Series Betting

Major League Baseball World Series Betting

If you live outside of the USA, you are probably blissfully unaware of the popularity of Baseball. However, if you are American, then you probably have your own personal favourite Baseball team and will be cheering them on this season and will be willing them to win the MLB World Series! As a sports fan who also enjoys betting on Major League Baseball you are blessed these days with a huge array of different betting opportunities, for all sportsbooks are very eager to get gamblers gambling at their venues and sites to ensure they can balance their money lines.

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What I am therefore going to be presenting to you throughout this guide is an overview of the odds available and the most likely winners of the MLB World Series this season, but I will also be looking at some of the additional bets and wager types you can place on each individual match too. If you are interested in placing any type of sports bets online or via your mobile device, then please do also look at some of the featured betting sites listed throughout this website. Each of those sites will be offering you some form of sign up welcome bonus that will allow you to get additional betting value when you make a deposit and go onto place your initial bets.

Who Will Win the MLB World Series?

With the stage now set for the next Major League Baseball World Series, all you are faced with doing is to choose just which of the huge number of teams taking part in that tournament will win. Unlike some previous years however there is no so called red-hot favourite to win this year, but that does therefore mean that as a sports bettor you are going to be rewarded with some generous odds, if you are prepared to take advantage of the early MLB

World Series betting markets.

All sportsbooks agree that the Houston Astros are the current favourite and as such they are on offer at just 5/1, however you should never overlook teams such as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox who are chalked up as the joint second favourites at odds of 7/1.

Value hunters are going to be looking outside the three top teams in the betting and as such there is some value to be had by betting on teams such as the Cleveland Indians at 9/1, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels who are all available at odds of 12/1.

A few other teams that could just win this event include both the Washington Nationals and the Chicago Cubs at 14/1, and the New York Mets and the St Louis Cardinals both on offer at 16/1. Currently all other teams you will find taking part in the MLB World Series are on offer at odds of at least 20/1, with the joint outsiders being the Miami Marlins and the Cincinnati Reds both at 1000/1!

Other MLB World Series Betting Opportunities

You will find more than enough unique betting opportunities do become available to you, dependent on just which betting site or betting app you choose to make use of on all individual MLB matches. But one thing to keep in mind is that the odds that will be available to you can and will fluctuate and can often wildly different at different betting sites and sportsbooks too, so the art of being able to lock in the best value is to avidly shop around and compare the current live odds available to you at various sportsbooks and betting sites.

One bet type that can always give you a much greater amount of excitement is to place a bet on how many runs you think a player is going to achieve during any one single game. The odds that will be on offer on such a bet type can be high dependent of course on which player you choose and how many runs you predict he will make during a single match.

A handful of betting sites now also allow you to bet on the score of any MLB match, and as such if you can correctly predict the final score of any match then the rewards for doing so will be huge thanks to some generous and high valued odds. So, do consider placing such a bet if you want to have the chance of winning big from a relatively low stake!

Past Winners of the MLB World Series

Let me now turn my attention to presenting to you an overview of some of the most recent winners of the MLB World Series. Below you will find the names of both the winning team along with that team’s manager and which team was the runner up in each MLB season too.

In 2017 it was the Houston Astros who won the MLB World Series, managed by A. J. Hinch, the runners up that year was the valiant Los Angeles Dodgers who were managed by the very steady hand of Dave Roberts .

The previous year that being in 2016 it was the turn of the Chicago Cubs led by Joe Maddon to lift the trophy, and that they did in style by beating their opponents in the final, that being Cleveland Indians whose manager was Terry Francona.

Things were very bright and rosy in 2015 for the Kansas City Royals managed at the time by Ned Yost, for they took the title with relative ease that year, and it was the New York Mets they beat in the final play off whose manager was Terry Collins.

The San Francisco Giants managed by Bruce Bochy took home the trophy and title back in 2014, and it was a hard-won battle against their opponents in the final game of the season that saw them winning. Their opponents that day for reference were the Kansas City Royals managed by Ned Yost, and both sides do have another bite at the cherry this year too of course!

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