Millwall vs Plymouth Odds Boosters

It is going to be on Tuesday night that you can watch the English Football  Cup match between Millwall and Plymouth, and whilst there are a handful of other matches being played tomorrow night, there is one main reason why I think you should consider betting on that match.

That is due to it being one of the football matches on Tuesday night that NetBet are offering enhanced and boosted odds on, and they are also offering several different and quite unique betting markets on that match too!

If you are of the mind, and believe me what I tell you that you are not alone in this thought, that it is going to be Millwall that will easily win this match then you can currently secure odds of 20/43 on them doing so, and NetBet are not afraid of accepting some very high valued bets by the way!

The match could, but let’s face it probably will not, end in a Draw but the odds being offered by NetBet if you think that is going to be the most likely outcome after the standard 90 minutes of play are16/5 and for those of you convinced that Plymouth are going to win you can get odds of 23/4 on them doing just that!

Team to Qualify

This match is of course part on the series of matches that make up the English Football Cup tournament, and as such one of the two teams is going to qualify for the next round, if of course they win this match.

Therefore if you would much prefer simply picking the team that will qualify for the next round as opposed to any other type of bet then the odds that NetBet are going to be offering you on Millwall qualifying are 4/17 and the odds they have chalked up on Plymouth qualifying  are 59/20!

Total Goals Over and Under Market

One final betting market on which you are going to find some enhanced and quite appealing odds on this match is on the NetBet total goals over and under betting market.

Obviously what you are tasked with doing when betting on this betting market is to try and pick out whether the number of goals will be over or under the ones listed below, and if so then you will be rewarded with the odds displayed below.

If you think there will be over 0.5 goals scored then the odds are quite restrictive on that bet to be honest at 1/50, but if you think there will be under 0.5 the odds on that bet are 37/4.

The over 1.5 goals option returns a pay-out at odds of 1/4 and the Under 1.5 betting option if a fair bet at some decent odds and those odds are 53/20. Moving onto the Over2.5 option the odds on that are 4/5 but if you are of the mind there will be Under 2.5 goals you can pick up odds of 10/11

In fact, do take a look over the website of NetBet as by doing so you are going to find all of the current betting opportunities available on this match which currently numbers in excess of 100!

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