Latest Odds on the British Grand Prix

You really are going to be spoilt for choice regarding major sporting events this weakened, however I just know many of you out there are going to be gluing yourself to the sofa to watch the British Grand Prix, and plenty of you will be betting on that event too.

The smart money however is currently pouring on Lewis Hamilton to win the main race, and you are going to have to be quick if you want to secure his current odds of 5/6 on him winning that event, for the volumes of wagers being placed on him are bound to reduce those odds sooner rather than later.

Whilst Hamilton does of course have an excellent chance of winning the race, I would never put you off betting on S. Vettel in fact many people are doing so and as such his 7/2 odds of winning look a tad generous and could start to drop too.

When you look at all of the other drivers is this race it Is hard to see any others having any realistic chance of winning, however two drivers that could just pull it off are V. Bottas and his odds are around the 11/2 mark, and you can get 15/2 at most online and mobile betting sites on M. Verstappen winning.

Bet on the Team You Think Will Win

Whilst there is an odds-on chance that Mercedes will be the winning team of the British Grand Prix, their odds of at 4/9 are a tad low, and there may be value to be had if you bet on the likes of Ferrari at 9/4 or Red Bull at 7/2 as the team that could win.

But there are of course several other teams in with a chance of winning this race, such as Sauber at 750/1, Toro Rosso at 750/1 and even Williams at 1000/1, but just keep in mind their odds do reflect their chances of winning, which are tiny!

Fastest Lap – Driver Odds

There is a much more interesting betting market on offer if you are prepared to try and pick out the driver that will get the fastest lap time in the main race, for the odds on each driver are certainly higher than they are on the outright winner betting markets.

However, as any driver in theory could achieve the very fastest lap time then it will be a much riskier bet, but with L. Hamilton chalked up at odds of 5/2, V. Bottas being readily available at 3/1 and also S. Vettel at 7/2 it will be a fair bet it will be one of those three drivers that does achieve the fastest lap time in the main race!

I would never count out the likes of D. Ricciardo or M. Verstappen both of whom are Red Bull drivers getting the fastest lap time and their odds are the same at 4/1 and you can get 5/1 if you think the honour will go the way of K. Raikkonen!

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