Latest Odds on Fury v Seferi

There are always benefits to be had by planning your betting exploits well in advance, and if you are thinking about betting on the Fury v Seferi boxing match later this weekend, then now is the best time you should be doing so as there is plenty of value to be mopped up if you do so!

You will of course need to know just which types of betting markets and betting opportunities are on offer to you, and below you are going to find an overview of them all, and keep in mind to secure the best odds match sure you utilize the services of any of our featured betting sites!

Method of Victory and Outright Winner Bet

It does look like there is no way in the world that Tyson Fury can lose this match, however would you want to risk one hundred pounds to win just one pound? That is the best you can hope for if you are lucky enough to find any betting sites that are offering the best odds I have seen of 1/100!

By the way Betfred are offering those odds, and they are also going the Draw at 33/1 and will give you access to odds of 20/1 if you are quickly on Seferi winning too.

However, no matter how you look at those odds, there is no value to be had, you may get slightly better odds on Betfair, but one type bet that do give you some much higher odds are those to be found on the method of victory betting markets.

You can take advantage of odds of 1/10 on Fury winning by a Ko, Tko or Disqualification 1/10 and will also be able to bet on him winning by Points and the odds on that outcome are 5/1.

For Sefer Seferi to be declared the winner of this boxing match by either a Ko, Tko Or Disqualification odds of 25/1 can be mopped up and odds of 50/1 can be had on him winning by points and the draw is available at odds of 33/1 on that betting market too.

Fury Will Win but in Which Round?

Most betting sites will let you bet on either boxer winning the match in any one single round, but to double your chances of winning Betfred will allow you to bet on either boxer winning in any of two consecutive round.

So, you can get odds on Fury winning in rounds 1 or 2 and the odds are 7/2 on him doing so, the odds drop to 3 to 1 on him winning in rounds 3 or 4, 7/2 is on offer for him to win in rounds 5 or 6, and if you think he will win in rounds 7 or 8 then the best odds I have so far come across are 9/2

The bets odds though on Fury winning are in rounds 9 or 10, and however unlikely that outcome is there is some value to be had at the current odds of 7/1.

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