Latest Match Betting on the Darts World Series

You are going to have more than enough matches to bet on if you are both a fan of darts and like betting on darts matches this evening, for there are several matches that have yet to be played off on that major darts tournament.

There are some red-hot favourites to win some of those matches by the way, and as such you need to find a betting site that will be offering you the best odds, and MintBet are one such site, who also have a generous sign up offer if you make use of our links to get to their betting site.

It will be at 19:00 tonight that the very first of those matches will be starting, and the first match of the evening will see Raymond Smith trying to outsmart Keegan Brown, and I am more than confident that you will have your own ideas as to who is going to win that match!

However, as far as the very best odds you can secure right now on that match MintBet are offering Raymond Smith at odds of 11/8, however Keegan Brown is the punters favourite to win that match as he has been backed down to odds of 8/15!

Dave Chisnall v Dawson Murschell

It is impossible to see Dave Chisnall losing his match tonight in fact the best odds available on him winning are 1/6 which does give you an insight into his winning chances much more so when you discover his opponent that being Dawson Murschell is on offer at odds of 15/4, and that match begins at 20:30 tonight.

Who is going to win the 19:30 match that being the Maik Langendorf v Damon Heta match, no one appears to know for MintBet have them both on offer at odds of Maik Langendorf 17/20!

More Betting Opportunities Tonight

If you fancy placing a bet on the Ian White v Kyle Anderson match, then it does appear the best bet currently is a win for Ian White as plenty of punters are mopping up and securing his win odds of 8/13, but you can of course back Kyle Anderson whose win odds are 6/5.

A for where the money is going on the Jamie Lewis v Dimitri van den Bergh well it isn’t going on Jamie Lewis who is 13/10 but it is going on Dimitri van den Bergh who has been backed right down to outright win odds of 8/13 in that match!

The Gerwyn Price v Royden Lam will probably go only one way and that is a win for Gerwyn Price who can be backed right now at MintBet at odds of 2/9 the odds on Royden Lam are 14/5, at 22:00 in the Steve Beaton v Daryl Gurney match the odds on Steve Beaton are 17/10 and Daryl Gurney is the favourite to win that match at odds currently of 2/5.

If you are around at 22:30 you can both bet on and watch the Ross Smith v James Wade match in which Ross Smith is expected to lose as his odds of 13/5 do suggest when compared with those odds of James Wade that are 1/4

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