Hurling Betting Guide

Years ago, if you wandered into a betting shop and asked for odds on a Hurling match, then unless you live in somewhere like Ireland where that game is hugely popular, the betting shop manager would probably have look at you in a strange way.

They would then have had to phone up their head office and speak to a trader or odds compiler to get you those odds but would probably have limited you on how much you could be on that match, thinking you had some type of insider knowledge!

Nowadays though, placing such a bet is quick and very easy for you must log onto any of our listed and fully approved betting sites, and you will be presented with every scheduled Hurling match and will be offered a comprehensive set of betting opportunities and odds on each of them.

This guide has been compiled to help you understand the range of bets you can place on the sport of Hurling and give you additional information to ensure you are always getting the best betting value too!

Major Hurling Betting Events

One of the most viewed Hurling events are in fact all the matches that make up the Allianz National Hurling League, and each year a new league is in place and this year it is of course the 2018 National Hurling League that you will be waiting and possibly betting on too.

That league is in Ireland and is governed by the GAA and every team playing in it will be hoping that they win the Dr Croke Cup with is the cup they win if they do go on to win the league and finish in first position at the end of the season.

As there are some 35 teams that take part in it that does of course mean that there are plenty of betting and wagering opportunities throughout the season, and for reference at the time of compiling this Hurling betting guide the title holders were Kilkenny who have won the league 18 times.

However, the team that is certainly one to follow and has won the league the most is Tipperary who for reference have won no fewer than 19 titles! Read on to find out what types off Hurling bets can be placed and the best betting promotional offers to claim when betting on that sport too.

Types of Hurling Bets

It really is going to be quick and easy if you fancy placing a bet on Hurling matches, but you do need to know just how each bet has been designed if you want to be able to place some of the more unique bets and wagers, so let me now give you an overview of how some of them have been designed.

You will find that many teams that are the favourite to win a Hurling match will be available at such low odds that you will not fancy placing a bet on them as the returns you will get from even a high valued bet will be low due to the restrictive odds being offered to you.

An Asian betting market however will be one that does give you much higher odds on the favourite to win, but those betting markets see the underdog being head a head start as the betting sites and bookmakers will give them a several goal start for betting purposes.

You could also choose to bet on the correct score of any Hurling match, but keep in mind there are a huge number of possible score lines any match could end in!

Types of Betting Platforms

All online betting sites are going to operate with a no download type of gaming platform, and as such the way in which you access such sites and their betting markets is by initially registering as a new customer, and then logging into your account.

Once you do so you then simply look up the sporting events that you do fancy betting on and then look up the type of bet you wish to place and you will then see displayed on the screen the current odds available from that betting site.

You simply click onto the one you wish to back, select a stake and then place your bet, once placed your bet will then be given a transaction number and it will be stored in your gaming log and if it wins your bet will be settled once the result of that match is known.

A mobile betting app works in much the same way, but you will simply be tapping your screen instead of dragging a mouse around and then pointing and clicking! Mobile betting apps do have just as many betting opportunities on Hurling matches and an online betting site by the way, in case you were wondering!

Hurling Betting Promotional Offers and Bonuses

You are of course going to be tempted to make use of some of the many betting bonuses promotional offers and ongoing deals as someone who does bet on Hurling events online or via a mobile device, and there are plenty of such offers available to you.

Therefore, one type of bonus that should allow you to increase your chances of winning are those given away to punters who sign up to a new betting site and place their initial bet. The matched bet promotions will see you being given a free no risk bet up to the value of your initial bet placed at a new site you have just signed up to.

Also, odds boosters or best odds guarantees are another way to lock in plenty of extra betting value too.

So make sure that you always look out for any betting site that are going to increase the odds on certain teams in Hurling matches and those that will guarantee you of the best odds no matter when you have chosen to place your bets, but always read the terms and conditions of any bonus you fancy claiming!

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