Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse Racing Betting Guide

They call it the Sport of Kings, and by looking at the prize money on offer on some of the major worldwide horse races, you will very quickly see why lots of people do own or have part shares in race horses.

However, not all horse races have huge prize money on offer, and every day of the week there will be a plethora of horse running at minor racecourses around the world, and that does mean plenty of betting opportunities are on offer to you too.

By you learning how to read the form of each horse and learning the different things such as how the weather and the going on each racecourse can affect the odds of any horses running in a race from winning, will give you a much better chance of picking out the winners.

But also knowing what bet types and betting markets are on offer to you as a punter can also make a huge amount of difference.

To help you get your head around the many ways you can bet on horses I have put together the following horse race betting guide, so please read on as you are bound to find it of interest.

Placing a Horse Racing Bet

Never let it be said that you are only going to find a small limited number of horse racing related bets and wager types, for there are literally dozens of not hundreds of them, and below I will give you an overview of some that I feel could be ones that you do fancy placing for the reasons highlighted below.

There is nothing stopping you dreaming up and weird and wonderful bets, as you are always going to find a bookmaker or betting sites eager to lay your bets for you. The one bet that should be very easy to place anywhere is a single to win type of bet, on which you select one horse, choose a stake and if it wins you are then pay out your winnings.

You can also perm any number of horses together in a type of parlay bet often also known as an accumulator. Those horses must be running in different races and if the first one wins the winnings roll over to the next bet, if each horse wins you are in live for a very large winning pay-out.

Horse Racing betting

Most betting sites will also let you place bets on several horses but perm them altogether in every type of bet dependent on how many horses you have selected.

So, for example by placing a Lucky 15 bet you will have to pick out 4 horses and then place 15 bets to cover four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-timer bet too. There are other similar bets that allow you to pick more than four horses and have them permed together in every bet possible and they include Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bets.

Picking out the horses that will come first and second or first, second and third in a horse race may seem impossible, however by placing a Forecast will allow you to pick the first and second or by placing a Tricast bet on which you have to pick the first, second and third in the correct order of any ace, you could win some very high valued winning pay-outs if the race does finish the way your predicated!

Bet Before or After the Off ?

Betting exchanges are a new type of betting platform that anyone can access and use, and when you do so you are given the option of whether you would prefer to place a bet in the usual way, or whether you would prefer to lay a horse instead,

When you lay a horse, you offer odds on it winning to other users of a betting exchange, and if anyone takes your odds you will get to keep their stakes if that horse loses its race but must pay them out their winnings if it wins, at the odds you offered.

However, if you choose to sign up to an online betting site or download a betting site app then you will also be able to bet in two quite different ways, you can bet as standard before a horse race begins or for some added excitement and plenty of additional winning opportunities you can bet in play which means you bet once the race has started.

There are pros and cons of using each type of betting platform, however if you never want to miss out on a betting opportunity, then I would strongly advise you to make use of a download betting site app!

Placing Horse Races Bets

Just like you must spend quite some time studying the form of each horse running in any race, you must also pay very careful attention in your search regarding just where you choose to place your horse racing bets and wagers at too.

As you are fortunately now blessed with literally thousands of different betting sites and betting apps that you can download onto your mobile phones and tablet devices, that means you do have the maximum choice regarding which ones you do make use of.

bookies stalls at horse racing event

However, there are a few simple rules I want to pass onto you when you are on the lookout for a new betting site or app at which to place all your horse racing bets at.

The very first one is to ensure the ones that you do sign up to hold a full and valid gambling license, ideally one that has been issued by the Gambling Commission or Gambling Authority based in your own country of residence.

The betting apps and sites displayed and reviewed throughout this website do all hold gambling licenses, and to ensure you will find one that suits you down to the ground each of them offer a range of different currency settings too, so you can deposit, bet and withdraw your winnings in your own home currency too.

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