Guide to First Goalscorer Betting

As someone who enjoys having the occasional flutter on any football matches you may be about to watch, there is literally dozens of unique bets on offer to you these days from most betting sites and betting apps, and you can often get overwhelmed as to just which ones will be worth placing.

If you do want to make sense of each type of football bet then please do have a good look around this website, for by doing so I will be showing you how to place every single type of football related bet and giving you an insight into just where you should be placing each football bet at too.

This guide is going to be looking at one of the most standard bets you can place on any upcoming football match, and that is a first goalscorer type of bet. All that you need to do is to try and work out which player in either team will score the first goal in any football match.

As for just what odds you are going to be offered when placing a first goalscorer type of bet, well that will be dependent on the overall chances of the player you have chosen banging in the very first goal of any football match and also just which betting site you have chosen to place that bet at!

Ensure You Get Access to Price Boosts

The odds you will secure on any player scoring the first goal in any football match could be quite high, however by signing up to MintBet using our links a welcome bonus offer is available to you and a set of price boosts on first Goalscorer bets too.

The odds you got on any player are going to be enhanced by 50% if the player you bet on scores the second goal after scoring the first goal and by a whopping 100% if they then score a third goal too, so make sure you do bet at MintBet!

Place a First Goalscorer and Correct Score Bet in One Bet

I am more than confident that if you do decide to place a first goalscorer type of bet at the approved betting site above, you are going to be more than happy with the odds associated with each player in each football match on scoring the very first goal.

However, there is a special type of combination bet you can additionally place if you want to try and win even more and get some much higher odds, and that is by you placing a first goalscorer bet but combination it with a correct score bet too.

There is nothing complicated about placing such a bet online or via any type of touch screen enabled mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet device, and I guarantee that the odds you will be offered on such a bet will be tempting, in fact very tempting to say the least!

All that you are faced with doing is first select the player in any one single match that you think will score the very goal and then try and work out what the correct score of that match will be, and if that player does score first and you have predicted the correct score you will be in the money!

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