Greyhound Betting Guide

When you attend a greyhound meeting or simply watch it on TV, online or even watch on the video screen inside a betting shop, you will notice there is a race running at each track about every fifteen minutes or so.

That does of course mean therefore that the action is thick and fast, and there are of course going to be plenty of different betting opportunities available to you.

If you have never attended a greyhound race track, then do try and do so for you are going to be able to grab a meal, sit back and enjoy a pint or two in one of the bars and will be able to bet on each race in relative comfort too.

This guide is one that I have compiled to give first time and novice sports betting an insight into the types of bets you can place on a  greyhound race, the best betting sites to place a bet at and also a few additional facts and figures that will allow you to judge for yourself if it is a betting environment that you will enjoy, which I am more than confident if you do enjoy betting you will enjoy greyhound racing for sure!

Major Greyhound Betting Events

It is a sad reflection of the times, that greyhound racing is not the dominant force is used to be, and with more and more tracks closing, and with sponsorship hard to come by these days, there are not that many what you could call major greyhound tournaments held across the UK.

The one tournament that is always going to be with us, well hopefully it is, is the Greyhound Derby and depending at which point in that event you choose to place a bet you will find some high valued odds on offer, certainly before the event starts.

However, as many greyhound tracks are sponsored by betting companies in the UK as a way of ensuring they have live races for their betting shop punters to bet on there will be some much smaller tournaments and races available which do attract a fair bit of cash in the betting markets.

Plus, with several greyhound meetings scheduled each day, then you are always going to find plenty of races to have a punt on, so you should get your greyhound racing fix whenever you do get the urge to have a bet!

Types of Greyhound Bets

A simple win bet is one type of bet you may be tempted to place on a greyhound running in any race, and by placing such a bet you will be hoping your dog wins and you will then be paid out at the odds you took when placing that bet, or you can opt to stake the starting price announced after the race has been run.

You will also find that you can bet each-way on most greyhound races, but as there is usually six greyhounds running in each way the place part of the bet will only pay out to two places and the odds on the place part of the bet will usually be one half to one quarter of the win odds, however that can vary from track to track and betting site to betting site!

Picking out a dog to come first and one to come second in a  race is known as a Straight Forecast bet and you can also try your luck on a Tricast bet too which will see you having to try and correctly pick the greyhounds that will finish in first second and third place in each race.

Ways to Bet on Greyhound

The more traditional way that you can bet on a greyhound race is by visiting a nearby betting shop or even paying a visit to the greyhound track yourself, and if I had a choice I would certainly do the latter, as there is no betting ways of passing an afternoon or evening that spending it down at the dog track, if you are a punter!

However, as the world has been changing over the years you can of course place every type of greyhound related bet that you could place in a betting shop or down at the track online, and any of our featured betting sites will always ensure you have plenty of races to bet on if you do fancy betting from the comfort of your own home.

There is one additional ways that you are always going to be in a position o bet on any greyhound ace running in the UK, or for that matter anywhere in the world and that is by you downloading mobile betting app.

Just make sure that you download one from our featured betting sites as they are going to offer you some of the best odds and they od of course all pay-out their winning customers rapidly too.

Greyhound Betting Promotional Offers and Bonuses

I doubt you are going to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of different betting promotional offers that are specifically available to greyhound racing punters, however by making a concerted effort to compare just what several different betting sites have on offer you should find a handful of promotional deals that may be worth claiming.

I am aware of some betting sites that will round up for example the dividend on Straight Forecast bets and on Tricast bets, so at times there can be a tiny bit of value if those are the types of bets and wagers you do like to place.

Every now and then you may also come across some betting sites that will make live early betting markets on a handful of greyhound races being run later in the day or later in the week.

When you make use of those types of betting markets best odds guarantees can kick in, so if you take a price and the odds you took end up being lower than that of the declared starting price of a winning greyhound you ill get paid out at the higher odds.

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