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How To Bet On Golf

It may surprise you to learn that one of the most popular spectator sports is golf, and by looking at the prize purses on offer on each of the major golf tournaments that are scheduled to be played across the globe, you will get an idea why there are often such a huge number of golfers taking part in those tournaments!

The winnings can be huge for the players that do manage to finish in one of the top positions in any golf tournament, and the winnings can also be huge if you know how to get the best value when you decide to place any number of bets on golf matches and golf tournaments too.

As such, to allow you to have a financial interest in any golf tournaments I have put together this guide to betting on golf that will walk you through how you can go about betting on that sport!

Including things such as the best bets and wagers to place, where to place those bets and just which types of betting markets and betting sites are going to become available to you if you choose to bet online or via a mobile device too.

Choosing the Best Golf Bets to Place Online

I want to now enlighten you on the huge array of different bets that are going to become instantly available to you on any golf matches or tournaments when you do open an online betting account, so read on as some of the following bet types may be one you were blissfully aware of!

When you consider just how many professional golfers there are in the world, and just how many of them may be playing in any major tournaments, you will get a good idea of just how difficult it will be to pick out the winner of any up and coming golf tournament.

However, if you do feel that one of the golfers taking part in such a tournament has an outstanding chance of winning, then make sure you place an outright winner bet on him or her well in advance of the tournament starting.

Best bookies to bet on golf

By doing so the odds will be much higher before the tournament starts that when it is in full flow! There are of course some much lower risk types of bets you can place on golfers in any golf tournament, and as such consider placing a bet on which golfers are going to be placed in the top five, ten or even the top twenty positions a golf tournament.

The odds will however be much lower when you do make use of such a betting market, but you really do have a much greater chance of placing a winning bet on for example a top 10 placed finisher betting market that you ever would of picking the outright winner!

You could also place a two-part bet on any golfer playing in any golf tournament too, and one such bet is an each-way bet. That type of bet requires you to pick out just one single player to win a golf tournament and if they do you are paid out at their odds you took when placing the bet on the first part of the bet.

The second part of the bet will also be a winning one of your chosen golfer manages to finish in one of the top positions of that golf tournament.

Maximize Your Returns with Golf Betting Bonuses

You will have probably never have been offered any type of bonuses or free bets if you have placed golf related bets at a land-based betting shop or sportsbook, for those types of venues are very tight when it comes to giving their customers a range of additional extras!

However, by switching some or even all your sports betting activities over to the online and mobile betting environments you are going to be amazed at just how wide and varied the promotional offers are going to become available to you.

The first thing you will start to benefit from as and when you do sign up to various betting sites are a range of welcome bonuses which can include things such a free bet up to the value of the until bet you place at such sites, or even get a percentage boost on the amount your initial deposit into a new betting account you have just opened.

More and more online and mobile betting sites will also have a loyalty scheme in place in which you will earn points when placing winning or losing bets based on the value of those bets, and those points can then be exchanged for free bets! So, pick and choose the betting sites that you do sign up to and base that decision on what extras they are giving you access too is my advice!

How to Pick the Perfect Golf Betting Site

All first-time golf bettors should put together their own unique checklist of wants and demands when they are about to start looking or a betting site at which to place their golf bets at, as that will then help them to select one that suits them the best.

Things to be aware of regarding what a betting sites should be offering you as a sports bettor include you having the choice of making a deposit and withdrawal using a method that is convenient to you.

Golf Betting Sites

You will also need to ensure that you can deposit and place bets in your own home currency, if not you are then going to lose some of the value of your deposits and your withdrawals to currency exchange rate fees and charges.

Also, you should only ever sign up to betting sites that are licensed and regulated, as by doing so you will be betting at sites that are operated to the very highest of industry standards. All the sites you see listed on this website offer multiple currency settings, lots of different payment options and are of course all holders of at least one gambling license too.

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