Get Your Head Around Acca Bets

An Acca bet is simply the new hip and trendy name for an Accumulator bet, and there has been something of an increase regarding the number of people who are placing such bets these days, thanks to many betting sites offering football coupon type bets and wagering opportunities.

The way in which an Acca bet has been structured and designed isn’t going to take you very long to get your head around, for they are a bet that requires just one single stake, but you must have each single selection you place on them winning their respective sporting events, or that bet will lose!

You can also place any stake you so desire on an Acca or Accumulator bet as they are also known, and by you doing so what you will then hope is that each selection does win, for your stakes and winnings from each selection named on such a bet will roll over onto the next one in order of their starting times.

The higher the odds associated with each selection you make will always determine the size and the final winning pay-out if each selection does win, and it is quite possible for you to receive a life changing pay-out, if each selection does win at some high odds too!

Get Acca Insurance and Bonus Pay-Outs

As each winning selection on an Acca bet is going to roll over onto the next selection, you can have plenty of excitement when placing such a bet, especially if the first few selections do win, however there is of course the very real chance such a bet will lose.

However, by you carefully choosing just which betting sites you place your Acca bets at you can often get an Acca Insurance type of deal attached to such a bet.

That Acca Insurance will give you your stake money back if for example one of your selection loses but all others win, and that money back is usually given in the form of a free bet, however different betting sites will require you to have at least placed a certain number of selections on such a bet for their Acca Insurance to kick in.

In fact, there are now some betting sites that will offer you a bonus pay-out which will be a percentage of your winnings if you do place a winning Acca bet at their respective sites, and often the bonus pay-out gets much higher in value the more selections you do place on such a bet that all win.

I would urge you to get yourself over to some of our approved betting sites such as Ladbrokes, Coral, 10Bet and BetFred for they do tend to be the betting sites that are going to offer you either an Acca Insurance type of deal or will boost the value of some winning accumulator bets you place with them.

But just keep in mind that as the winnings can be huge on such bets, that does of course mean that the chances of you placing a huge paying Acca type of bet are low!

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