Football Betting Guide

Learn How To Bet On Football

There are plenty of different ways that you can bet on football, and when your favourite team or even your favourite player is about to take to the pitch, you can always liven up your viewing pleasure by placing all manner of different bets and wagers or them or him.

There are so many ways in fact, I have chosen to put together the following guide which should give you an overview and insight into the world of betting possibilities that are available on every single football match you may fancy having a financial interest in.

However, the one tip I do want to pass on to you is to make sure that you always shop around. With so many different betting sites and betting apps as well as plenty of brick and mortar betting venues, there is value to be found when you do hunt around and compare the odds being offered to you.

Timing is also very important, for there are going to be times when it will pay dividends for you to bet well in advance of a football match starting, as by doing so you will often find much higher odds available on long term bets, so that is something to keep in mind too.

Types of Football Betting Platforms and Markets

You can of course choose to place a football bet in a land-based brick and mortar sportsbook or betting shop, however there are panty of additional ways that you can place such bets and wagers.

Most people like the flexibility of being able to bet on their mobile and cell phones, as by doing so they can place a bet no matter where they are and can also check the current odds available on any up and coming football matches on a range of different betting apps.

However, you will of course find plenty of online betting sites and by making use of them you are never forced to have to download any software onto your computer, as the betting platforms are web browser compatible.

Football bettors are now also able to not only place a bet of any football match they wish to bet on, but thanks to betting exchanges they can also lay odds to other punters, and for all intents and purposes you can become bookmaker and odds layer yourself when making use of any betting exchange.

Plus, thanks to the advent of in-play betting markets you will also be given the opportunity of betting on the outcome of any football match once it has started, as opposed to only being allowed to place a bet before the football match kicks off!

Different Types of Football Bets

Let me now move onto introducing and showcasing to you some of the many different types of football bets that you can place, some of those listed below you may be familiar with, however some of them you may never have come across before.

There are of course many outcomes that a soccer match could end in, and there is one bet that does offer some much larger win odds than most other and that is known as the correct score bet. You must guess what the score will be at the final whistle and if you predict that score correctly you will get paid out at the odds offered to you when you placed that correct score bet.

You can bet on any teams to win a match or by using a betting exchange you can lay odds on any team to lose a match too however also consider placing a bet that will give you an interest over the long term as opposed to the short term.

How to bet on Football

Picking out a team that you think will win a football tournament or will get to the top of the league and be crowned champion is something you can do and by placing such a bet you will have an interest in that team if they play well throughout the season or a tournament!

Some novelty types of bets you an place include naming a football team manager that is going to be the next one to get sacked, and at some betting sites you can also bet on whether a player is going to last the entire season at one team or will get transferred to another team!

Do you think you can correctly predict which player from either team is going to be the very first one to score a goal in any match or can predict which player will score the last goal? If you think you have what it takes to do so one fun bet and often a rewarding one you can play is the first or last goal scorer bets.

Football Betting Sites and Venues

Once you have chosen the types of football bets you do wish to place, you are of course going to then need to find a place to place your football related bets and wagers at.

As most people these days tend to bet online or by using their mobile devices, one thing I really do urge you to do is to think long and hard as to which betting sites and betting apps you are going to make use of, for there can be lots of different things such sites and apps will be offering you.

Bet on Football

The general rule of thumb however when you are looking for a betting sites or app at which to bet on, is to first and foremost ensure that that operators of them are fully licensed and regulated, as that way you will negate the chances of you experiencing any problems that cannot be resolved.

In fact, as each of the football betting sites and apps that you will see displayed and showcased and fully reviewed throughout this website meet our strict criteria regarding their approval by us, they do all come highly recommended and should give you an unsurpassed betting experience when you sign up and make use of them.

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