Esports Betting

Esports are the result of high speed internet connections and the popularity of video games, for the esports environment is one in which teams of players or individual players will compete in the hope they are the ones that score the highest score when playing a range of different video games!

You may find the concept of esports quite ridiculous, much more so if you are of a certain age, and the type of sports bettor who much prefers gambling on sporting event such as football matches, horse racing or any other team sport.

But do not underestimate the popularity of esports, for there are now many millions of people the world over who each are actively watching such events or regularly taking part in them.

In fact, esports events do attract a lot of attention from advertisers too, and there are many companies and businesses that are only too eager to be the mains sponsor of such events.

That has resulted in the prize money on offer on each of the major esports competitions and tournaments running into the many millions of dollars region, so as you can see that does add to the popularity of this recently launched sporting environment!

Types of Esports Betting Opportunities

Due to the increasing popularity of esports, you are not going to find it too difficult to find several different betting sites, online and mobile sportsbooks and bookmakers sites that will be offering you a range of betting opportunities on all up and coming esports events.

There are some quite unique betting opportunities that are going to become available to you when you choose to bet on esports, however one of the most basic types of bets you can place is a simple to win type of bet on which you will be hoping the player you select wins.

There will also be one player that is deemed to be the favourite and as such he or she will have the lowest valued odds associated with him or her. However, it can often be worth picking one of the players which much higher odds attached to them if you do think they have a realistic chance of winning!

Whilst it is very true to say that by placing a bet on any one single player before a tournament starts, as by doing so you will get much better odds on each player before they start to get knocked out of the tournament, there is another unique type of betting market that will also become available to you.

That is known as an esports in-play betting market, and what you need to do when utilizing such a betting market is place your bets and wagers as the tournament and each individual game is in play, and as such as some players will be playing better than other their odds will reduce, and the players playing not so well will have their respective odds increased!

You will not want to place a bet on any esports player to win a tournament and then see that player coming in second, third or fourth place, for if he or she does so then your outright winner bet will of course be a losing one!

However, there is a way that you can cover both a player coming first and get paid out if that player manages only to get placed in one of the top positions of a tournament, and that is by you placing an each-way bet which most betting sites will allow you to place and will have on offer!

Whilst each of the bet types I have so far introduced to you could open a range of different betting opportunities to you, there are other types of bets that can have much higher valued odds attached to them, and as such let me enlighten you on one unique type of esports bet.

That will be a method of victory bet, and it will become available to you when any esports event is using a combat type of game and the one in play on that event.

You are required to have to guess the name of the player that is going to win but also need to correctly predict the method in which they will win that event, and by doing so you could be rewarded with some huge odds!

As with any other sporting events, you are always going to want to be assured of securing the best odds if you do decide to give esports betting a try.

As such consider joining any of our featured sportsbooks and online betting sites and bookmakers, for by doing so today you will be able to claim a high valued welcome bonus offer at each of them, which could take the form of a free bet or deposit match type of bonus!