Early Prices on all Upcoming GAA Football Matches

I always advise anybody who does fancy backing any GAA football teams that are playing on any given day of the week to get up relatively early on the day of those matches are being played, and spend some time looking over the early prices being offered at betting sites such as Paddy Power.

Paddy Power are of course are now a huge international gambling related company but they did start their operation in Ireland, and as such one aspect of betting with them you really will appreciate are their above average odds they offer on all upcoming GAA matches, as I will give you an insight into below.

The Lissycasey v St Breckans match has already been attracting a lot of punters attention and cash and the team that punters are laying into and backing is Lissycasey, which has resulted in their win odds being reduced to just 4/9.

In regards to where you should be betting on the Horeswood v St Marys Rosslare match, well I doubt that Horeswood are going to lose that match, and that is of course reflected in their current win odds which are just 3/10.

However, you could be a fan of the St Marys Rosslare GAA football team and if you ate then you will certainly want to take advantage of their 11/4 win odds at Paddy Power, and if you think the match will end in a draw that betting site are offering you odds of 10/1 that it will do so!

Naomh Barrog vs Naomh Fionnbarra

With the win odds on both teams in the Naomh Barrog vs Naomh Fionnbarra match being even money this is certainly a match worth betting on if you really do fancy the chances of one of those two teams winning, for you certainly won’t find higher odds than those being offered anywhere else!

However, just keep in mind that there is an ever so slight chance that this match could end in a draw and the draw odds that could tempt you to place such a bet at Paddy Power are 13/2.

A Couple of Other GAA Matches Worth Checking Out

I think it may also be worth betting on the Gowna v Crosserlough match too, for much like the GAA football match I have mentioned above the odds on the outcome of this match are fairly well balanced.

For reference if you are of the mind that it will be Gowna that will win you can get odds of even money at the Paddy Power betting site or when making use of their betting app, and the odds on Crosserlough winning this match are 11/10 and the odds on the match ending in a draw are 13/2.

The only other match that could be worth betting on is the HWH Bunclody v Crossabeg-Ballymurn match but it is a match that is likely to go the way of a HWH Bunclody win and their win odds are 4/7 which are considerably lower than the win odds on Crossabeg-Ballymurn which for reference are 13/8 and the draw odds are 8/1.

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