Darts Betting Guide

You only have to look back a few decades to see that Darts was once a very popular sport, in fact you could wander into most pubs to find a dart board on the wall and each pub or club would have their own darts team too.

However, it is a sad reflection of the times that nowadays most local pubs and clubs have closed, and one of the main reasons for that is the advent of the internet, with most people now doing their so-called socializing online, and also with the smoking ban also keeping people out of their local boozer.

But all is not lost if you are fan of Darts for you are going to find plenty of tournaments up and running around the UK and beyond, so if you do want to relive those long-gone days of being part of the spectators watching a major darts event then you can still do so by attending on of the venues those tournaments are being held in.

If you prefer however you will find Darts in now a televised sport believe or not and you can bet on any players or teams too at online, mobile an even land-based betting sites and shops!

Major Darts Betting Events

I doubt you are going to go short of major Darts tournament sot bet on, for this is a truly international sport these days and as such there will always be a tournament schedule to start sooner rather than later somewhere in the world!

However, three Darts tournaments that are always worth checking out, are the World Cup of Darts, the German Darts Masters and the PDC World Championships.

Make sure though that when you fancy betting on any major tournament you pay careful attention to the early betting markets, for those tend to be the ones on which you will be able to take advantage of some much higher odds on the players or teams taking part in them if you ae prepared to bet well in advance of them starting.

It is also true to say that some players do tend to be bang in form, and can win several tournaments consecutively, however as has been proven time and time again, it only takes one of the underdogs to suddenly find their form and they can be a surprise result.

Types of Darts Bets

Do not be under the impression you cannot and will not find plenty of different bets to place on any darts matches, for there are going to be loads of them available to you, some of which can add a touch of excitement to any matches you are watching.

Do however try and bet early when you think you know who is going to win a major Darts tournament, for that way if you bet on your chosen team or player in advance their odds will much higher than they will be as other players or teams start to get knocked out of the tournament.

A cheer will often erupt in a venue when a player scores a 180, and that is something you can bet on too believe it or not, and you can also bet on watch you think the final score will be on any individual match too, so there will be plenty of betting opportunities.

Spend some time though looking over as many of our featured betting sites, for that way you will also see just what unique bets they are offering.

Ways to Bet on Darts

I would forget about paying a visit to your local betting shop if you do want to place a bet on the sport of Darts, for it can and often does cost you a fortune these days to get there, as you will have travelling costs and even parking costs to contend with in any major town or city.

You will get much better betting value by betting online or when using a mobile betting app, for you can sit at home or whether you may be and then compare the current odds available on whatever it is you wish to bet on it a Darts match and then pick a betting site or app offering you the highest odds and place that bet instantly.

Also, as many betting sites have some form of loyalty scheme also in place if you do tend to place lots of sports bets on Darts and other sports then you will find you get offered a constant range of promotional offers that when you use them prudently can help you lock in plenty of additional betting value too.

Our showcased and top rated betting sites also sponsor a lot of Darts tournaments too, such as Betway, so you can often find additional Darts relate doffers available at that betting site in particular!

Darts Betting Promotional Offers and Bonuses

You could find a betting site that you haven’t yet signed up to and grab all manner of exclusive sign up and welcome bonuses when you do register as a new customer at those sites, in fact with that in mind do check out our range of featured sites.

By doing so you will often discover that their welcome bonuses and free bets and the such like can be used by you to place bets on darts matches and tournaments, so there will be plenty of value to be had.

A free matched bet is however one type of betting bonus you will always find on offer at may betting sites and mobile betting apps, and to claim such an offer you must register, make a deposit and then place a bet and the betting site will match your initial bet subject to the bonus terms and conditions with a free bet.

There are going to be some betting sites that will boost the value of any deposit you make as one of their new customers, and those types of bonus are known as deposit match bonus, the best value ones being the ones which allow you to claim 100% of more of your initial deposit in bonus funds!

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