Cycling Betting Guide

When you think of cycling as a sport, you may be quite into it, or feel watching lots of riders making their way around a course is a tad boring, and nothing that you could possibly get into!

However, for some people that is one sport they do love to watch, and thanks to the advent of both online and mobile gambling you are always going to be able to place a bet on the rider or the team that you think are going to win any major cycling event.

If that is something you do fancy doing but have never gone about doing so then this cycling betting guide is going to walk you through how you can bet on any race being held anywhere in the world, and make no mistake about it, if you do enjoy betting you could win big on any bet you do place.

What you should do though, to ensure you get an enjoyable and first-class betting experience is sign up those any of our range of licensed and regulated betting sites, for each of them do operate to the highest industry standards and will always pay you out quickly when you do win!

Major Cycling Betting Events

Ask most people to name a major cycling event and they will reply with the Tour de France, as that is the one major event held every year that does attract not only a huge number of spectators but is also one of the most bet on events in the racing calendar.

A few facts and figures that you may be interested in about the Toru de France is that it is held in July each year and it is of course a cycling race that is held in France but also several nearby countries too, it does have a nickname and as such you may often hear people referring to the Toru de France as La Grande Boucle!

It is a road race and the competition is structured as a World Tour, the organisation that is tasked with putting the race live each year is the respected and long established Amaury Sport Organisation and currently the man in charge that being the race director is Christian Prudhomme.

The race itself has roots that can be traced right back to 1903 and the riders who have won the race the most times include Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merck, Bernard Hinault and Miguel Indurain each of whom have won the race a total of five times each.

Types of Cycling Bets

To help you make up your mind just what types of bets you can place and when would be a good time to place all bets, then keep on reading for I shall now give you an insight into some of the most popular bets you can place on cycling.

The races are often designed in such a way that they cover several days, and as such there will be several stages each rider has to complete, and therein lays your chance of being able to bet on which rider is going to win each stage.

The outright winner bet is a good one to place for you ill then have an interest in each race as it is being run, however you should try and place such a bet before any race begins as the odds will be higher at that stage of the game so to speak!

Each way betting will allow you to pick one rider that you hope will win a race or at least be in one of the top positions of the race.

Types of Betting Platforms

How you go about placing all manner of different bets and wagers on a cycling event is of course going to be your decision alone to make, but it is true to say that these days punters do not want to have to visit a betting shop or sportsbook to place such a bet.

What they do much prefer doing is betting from the comfort of their own home, for they can then peruse the web and find out just which betting sites are offering the best and highest odds on the riders that they want to win

However, if you also want to have the ability of playing any number of cycling related bets and wager you are also going to be able to bet on your mobile phone or tablet device.

To be able to do so you will have to download a betting app onto that device, and by doing so you are going to have just as many different betting opportunities being presented to you on that betting app as you would do when you may use on any online betting sites betting platform!

Cycling Betting Promotional Offers and Bonuses

One additional aspect to betting online or via a mobile betting app that is never going to be available to you when betting in a land-based betting shop, are promotional offers that have been designed in such a way to reward your loyalty or to reward you for signing up to a betting site or for downloading a mobile betting app.

Cycling betting bonus can and do take many different forms but one worth claiming is something known as a deposit match bonus.

By signing up to any betting site and then making a deposit a bonus will then be placed into your betting account, the value of the bonus an and will vary depending on which betting site you have just sign up to, but typically they will be around the 100% mark.

You will then be required to use your bonus funds and place a certain volume of wagers with those bonus funds before they are turned into cash credits which you can then withdraw, along of course with any winning you have achieved when betting with those bonus funds, but always read through any bonus betting rules and terms and conditions so you know how to use your bonus credits!

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