Cricket Betting Guide

No matter when you fancy placing a bet on a Cricket match, you are going to find hundreds of different betting sites eager to lay those bets for you.

There is however an art to ensuring you never run into any problems when betting online and you do also need to ensure that you are getting the best odds too.

With that in mind I present to you my guide to betting on Cricket, make sure that you read it through, but also pay attention to each of the betting sites that are also showcased throughout his website.

If you are not yet a member of any of those betting sites or betting apps, then by signing up today and by using our links to visit their websites you will instantly qualify for the promotional deals and offers presented to you.

The way to lock in additional betting value is knowing when the exact time to place your Cricket bets is and being able to bag the best odds too, so you will have to become very adept at placing your bets and wagers rapidly!

Major Cricket Betting Events

If both watching Cricket matches in play and betting on them is something you enjoy doing, then make no mistake about it, you are going to be overwhelmed at times with the sheer number of tournaments, games and leagues that are up and running throughout the year.

Whilst you may have a keen interest in just one league for example, never forget that there is often value to be had by you making use of early priced betting markets on all major Cricket tournaments and cup matches.

Some of them to consider betting on include the IPL the Royal London Cup, The Ashes and the ICC Cricket World Cup which for reference will next be being played in 2019.

Also keep in mind that as you now have plenty of different betting sites available to you, there will be lots of unique and novelty type bets you can place on any Cricket match too, so if you do want to place some of the more unusual bets and wagers on the sport of Cricket look out our showcased betting sites to see what is currently on offer by way of bets and wagers!

Types of Cricket Bets

You can now bet on the way you think that any individual Cricket player is going to be dismissed and as there are a few ways they could be then the odds that will be on offer on such bets may be very tempting, but on each of the bet types I am about to introduce to you just make sur you shop around for the best odds available.

A simple win bet is one that you may fancy placing, and when you do so you pick the cricket team you think will win a match and a betting site or betting app will offer you odds on that team winning, you choose as stake and if thee team does win your bet wins too!

There can be several cricket matches being held during each day and if you want to try and win some much higher valued winning pay-outs try and place a parlay or accumulator type of bet.

When you do so you can pick as many teams as you like, who must be all playing in different matches, and if they all win the winners and stakes from each of them rolls over onto the next teams you have chosen.

Ways to Bet on Cricket

I like the way that I can place a bet whenever I like using a mobile betting app, and with that in mind then if you think you will too I would suggest that instead of just downloading one app you download a handful of them.

That way whenever a Cricket match is schedule you can checkout the odds on the teams or the player you wish to bet on and will be able to compare the odds available on each app and place your bet with the one offering the highest possible odds.

But also keep in mind that you can also bet online, and there will be no requirement to have to download any software to be able to access an online betting platform, as you simply use your chosen web browser to access that platform.

You could of course choose to place a bet in person at a land-based betting shop or sportsbook on any up and coming Cricket matches you want to bet on, but there will be many more promotional offers, free best and bonus to claim when you choose to bet online or via a mobile app, so always keep that in mind!

Cricket Betting Promotional Offers and Bonuses

Look out for any betting sites that may be sponsoring any Cricket leagues, matches or tournaments, for often those betting sites want to attract as many new customers as they possibly can do and will therefore be offering some of the best betting odds.

New customer sign-up welcome bonuses are another great way to ensure you get more chances of winning or e your chances of losing, but just make sure you bet at sites that do offer lots of ongoing promotional deals and have their own loyalty schemes in place.

I have come across a handful of betting sites that will also offer you a cash back type deal when you bet on some Cricket matches, and what you will find is that if your bet loses and something that the betting site promotions team had predicted happens in that match you get your stakes returned to you, usually as a free bet.

Deposit match bonus also offer terrific value but try and avoid claiming low valued no deposit bonuses as a new customer of any betting site, for the rules attached to such bonuses and the terms and conditions attached to them to make it almost impossible to win anything big form such no risk low valued betting bonuses!

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