County Championship Cricket Betting

Your attention may have been on betting on the World Cup or even Wimbledon recently, however never forget that Summer is of course the time when Cricket does also take a starring role in most people’s betting activities!

Therefore today I want to give you an insight in a range of different bets you can place on the County Cricket Champion Division 1 along with Division 2 and also The Ashes too.

Let me start with Division 1, there is plenty of money being wagered on Surrey to be crowned the champions and with odds of 8/15 it does look like most betting sites think they are going to be too.

However, there is plenty of value to be mopped up at betting site such as Betfred for they are offering Somerset at 9/2 and Nottinghamshire at 5/1, and you should never overlook either of those two teams!

The other teams in with a chance but a small chance of winning Division 1 of the County Championship are Essex at 8/1, Yorkshire and Hampshire both at 25/1, Lancashire are 33/1 and the team least likely to win are of course Worcestershire whose odds do reflect their chances of winning with them being huge at 200/1!

The Ashes 2019

You may be the type of sports bettor that is prepared to bet well in advance of any Cricket matches starting, and if so the early betting markets on the Ashes 2019 may just be worth checking out.

Next year it would appear the team most likely to win or the team most punters are backing at this very early stage are Australia whose odds are even money, England are readily on offer and available at most betting sites at odds of 11/8, but if you think it will be a Drawn Series the odds of 5/1 may tempt you to bet on that outcome!

Division 2

Moving back to the County Champion, over in Division 2 there is plenty of interest in the outright betting market and with Warwickshire being backed at 4/6 and Kent having a fair bit of cash wagered on them at 15/8, it does look like one of those teams are going to be top of the division at the end of the season!

Some punters are having a few speculative bets on the other teams here and there and those teams include Sussex at 9/1, Leicestershire at 12/ and even Middlesex           at 20/1.

However I think it is safe to say that Derbyshire, Durham and Northamptonshire will need a miracle to happen if any of them are to finish top of Division 2 as their current odds of doing so are all 66/1.

Gloucestershire               and Glamorgan are unlived in the betting markets which isn’t too surprising as their chance of winning are tiny however their odds on winning are high at 100/1, so I am sure the odds avid fan of either team may fancy putting a few quid on them to win out of loyalty if nothing else!

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