Boxing Betting Guide

How To Bet On Boxing

To anyone who has never placed a bet on a boxing match, it may appear that the only types of bets and wagers you can place on them are simple to win type bets, on which you must predict the boxer that is going to win any individual match.

However, that is not the case, for whenever there is a boxing match of any type scheduled, there are going to be a huge range of different betting markets and bet types you can make use of and place, and there are plenty of unusual and exotic bets you can place on a boxing match too.

If you do enjoy nothing more than watching two boxers taking their chances in the ring, then there is a lot of additional excitement you can have by placing a range of different bets on the one you think is likely to win, and by picking out the best sites and apps to make use of to place those best you can increase the amount you will get paid back in winnings too.

Below you are going to find an information packed guide to betting on boxing matches, so please do read it through in full, as it really is going to open your eyes regarding the ways you can bet and will give you an indication on the best boxing related bets to place too.

Lots of Ways to Bet on Boxing Matches

Let me now quickly rattle through some of the most popular and most commonly placed boxing betting opportunities that you will always find appealing.

The method of victory bet is quite self-explanatory, for when you choose to place such a bet you are tasked with selecting which boxer you think is going to win, but also picking out the method at which he will win the boxing match, and there will be some quite high odds available to you when you place such a bet!

One type of bet that isn’t easy to predict but should give you plenty of excitement when you set about watching a boxing match is a bet on which you have to guess which boxer will win and also in which round he will be declared the winner too, depending on the boxer you pick and the round you select too the odds on offer on this type of betting market can be very appealing indeed!

You can place a type of bet that allows you to pick out several boxers to win their respective matches and by doing so all the winnings you do achieve get rolled over onto the next boxer on your bet, this type of bet is commonly known as an accumulator or parlay bet, for them to be winning bets though every single boxer you name to win much win their respective matches.

If the above bets sound complicated then how about placing one of the easiest and simplest types of boxing bets, and that is one whereby you are tasked with nothing more complicated than picking out the boxer you think will win a match, however do be aware the odds that you will have on offer to you from any betting site are going to ultimately reflect that boxers chance of winning that match and those odds can vary from site to site too!

Back a Boxer to Win or to Lose a Match

There can often be times when there is very little value to be had by you betting on one boxer to win his match, much more so if he is the odds-on favourite to win.

However, as there are so many different types of betting sites there are also going to be several different betting opportunities available to you. One new way of betting on any boxing match if for you to offer odds on a boxer losing as opposed to placing a bet on one of the boxer to win his match.

To be able to lay a bet and offer any odds you like you will first need to sign up to something known as a betting exchange, and once you have opened an account you can then offer you own odds on anything happening in a boxing match, and if another user of that site wants to take your odds they can do.

The main attraction of a betting exchange is that you can offer all manner of different bets to other users of those sites and if the outcome your predicted is the one that happens you keep the stakes off those punters who had the opposite view and place a bet with you at your odds, but if their bets win you must pay them out their winnings.

Placing Boxing Bets with Complete Peace of Mind

The web is littered with stories of very disgruntled sports bettors who have at one time or another been screwed over by some betting sites, and that is something that you will never want to experience yourself if you do want to place any type of boxing bets online.

In fact, you are not only going to be able to place your bets and wagers quickly whenever you get the urge to at online betting sites for there are plenty of mobile betting apps you can make use of too.

We would much prefer however to showcase to our website visitors the very best betting sites as that way you can always have the peace of mind in knowing you are going to be offered very fair odds, and you will not have to jump through any hoops to get paid out your winnings when you have placed any number of winning bets either.

Therefore, we have made a point of only listing throughout this website betting sites we have placed bets at ourselves, and each of our team members have also ensured the sites we do showcase are all fully licensed, offer rapid winning pay-outs and offer live betting odds on all up and coming betting matches and boxing bouts too.

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