Betting Opportunities on Today’s Snooker Matches

There is a lot to play for today regarding the snooker players that are hoping to make it through to the final stages of the International Championship, and as such you are going to find quite a number of top level players playing in each of the many qualifiers that are scheduled throughout the day.

As for a betting site that you can trust to offer you some of the fairest odds in the betting industry on snooker matches in particular, well having spent some time making sense of the odds being offered at a fair number of online and mobile sportsbook today’s it is Ladbrokes that are leading the way as usual.

Therefore let me highlight a number of different snooker matches that you may fancy betting on today, and below you will find those matches and qualifiers that have caught my eye, along with the odds currently on offer on each player in those matches as are to be found on the early betting market over at the Ladbrokes betting site.

The first match that could be worth a punt is the 09:30 match in which Anthony McGill is up against Xu Is, that is a match that should go the way of a Anthony McGill and if you think so too then bag his current Ladbrokes odds of 1/4 or if you think Xu Is will come out on top his win odds are for reference very reasonable and tempting being as they are 3/1!

Ken Doherty Looks a Solid Bet

I like the chances of Ken Doherty who is going to be playing against Chris Totten, and I think he is going to win that match with great ease too, however that is also something I suspect the odds compilers at Ladbrokes also think!

For as far as the betting market goes on this match they are offering odds on Ken Doherty winning this match of 2/7 and they make Chris Totten  the 13/5 underdog, however if you do think that Totten could possibly win this match his odds certainly do offer tremendous value to punters for sure!

International Championship Acca Bets

To give you  much greater chance of securing a much higher pay-out, if each of the players you think will win their matches today do actually go on to, you should consider placing an Acca bet with Ladbrokes.

One match that could be worth including in an Acca bet is the Mark Davis v Elliot Slessor match and as for who you should be backing in that match to win that is of course Mark Davis who should have too much difficulty winning this match today, and his odds are 4/9 and the odds on offer on Elliot Slessor for reference are 7/4.

I would also consider looking over the form of both players in the Stuart Carrington v Hammad Miah match as by doing so you will find it is Stuart Carrington who does have the best form and should go on to win this match and his win odds of doing so right now at Ladbrokes are 2/7 which are reasonable when you look at the chances of his opponent Hammad Miah who odds are 13/5!

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