Betting Opportunities on the Man City vs. Brighton Match

There is one match that does stand out in this weekends football matches, and that is of course the match between Manchester City and Brighton, and the reason it does stand out from a betting point of view is that City should win that match without too much effort.

However, when you do spot a very one-sided match such as that one, what you are going to find is that the odds compilers who decide what odds they are offering for the betting sites they are working for are not going to be taking any chances.

Therefore the bets odds I have so far come cross on Manchester City winning tomorrow are over at the Betway betting site and those odds are not what I would ever call odds worthy of you taking, for they are a paltry 1/11!

You could of course opt to back the draw at 10/1 or risk your money on Brighton winning at huge odds of 22/1, but as City are expected to win that match I would urge you to check out and make use of the additional betting markets listed below that Betway have on offer, to secure some much more appealing and attractive odds!

Back City to Score the First Goal!

Betway are going to let you bet on which team you think is going to score the very first goal in that match, and as such it should be a no brainer that the team you select to bang into the back of the next the very first goal of the match is Manchester City.

If that is something you feel is going to happen then you are going to be very tempted to take the 8/15 on City scoring first, so make sure you do back them to do so, for reference the odds they are offering on Brighton scoring first are 5/1, and you could pick up a huge winning payout if you think neither team will score in that match for the odds of that happening at Betway right now are 18/1!

Bet on Only Manchester City Scoring

You are also going to be able to place a bet on whether you think that both teams will score or they won’t both score, and as such that is a fair bet, for there are only two potential outcomes that you have to pick one of!

If you think that there is no way in the world Brighton are going to score a goal in that match then back no on that betting market as by doing so you will get odds of 1/2 however if you think that both teams will score during the match you can bet yes and the odds Betway will be giving you on that betting opportunity are tempting enough at 7/5!

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