Betting Odds Explained

When you sign up to any online or mobile betting site, you are going to be able to have the odds displayed one each betting market you look through in one of three different ways, the reason for that is that different countries will have one of those three different ways in use to displayed betting odds.

For reference the ways in which you can have the odds displayed at any betting sites are both as Fractional odds, Decimal odds or Moneyline odds and in this guide we are going to be looking at the how you can make sense of each way the odds are displayed.

One thing worth knowing however is that no matter which way you decide to have the odds displayed on any one single betting sites betting platform the amount of winnings you will receive if your selection does win when using any way of displaying the odds will be the same!

odds explained

Odds Conversion Table

However, it is always worth knowing that at each of our featured betting sites you are not only going to be able to display the odds in a way that you are familiar with, but those sites we have chosen to present to you throughout this website are famed for offering the highest odds possible.

One other thing to note is that when you are logged into any one sites online or mobile betting platform the odds available will be the same on both of those two platforms, so you will never be losing odds on the possible winnings when you choose one betting platform over another!

Fractional Odds

Over in Ireland in the United Kingdom the most commonly used way for any bookmakers, sports book or betting site to display their odds is by them using fractional odds, and even if you have never come across this way of displaying odds there is no doubt in our mind you will soon pick up the way they work and how they will instantly show you how much you stand to win.

If you see odds displayed for example as 2 to 1 on a fractional odds betting platform then for every 1.00 you wager on a betting opportunity if that bet is a winning one you will win 2.00 and will also get your initial 1.00 stake money returned too.

If you see odds displayed at 1 to 5 then you will need to have placed 5.00 on that betting opportunity whatever it is to get 1.00 paid out in winnings you will of course always get paid back your stake money which in our example will of course be 5.00.

The odds will always vary though at different betting sites so never think the odd you will see on display at any one betting sites are the highest ones available, for you will be best advised to shop around at several different betting sites to ensure that whatever it is you wish to bet on is going to see you getting the best odds and therefore the best winning payouts!

Decimal Odds

You will find that it is in places such as Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada that decimal odds are most commonly in use and to be fair it is quite easy to understand how these types of odds are displayed and how much cash you stand to win when placing a bet using decimal odds.

The way in which you will find decimal odds display is that you will see a figure that is going to represent the payout amount you will stand to win based on the stake you have placed on whatever betting opportunity you have chosen to bet on.

baffled by betting odds, then read this post now!So for example if you are about to place a bet on something that pays out at odds of even money then the decimal odds on that betting opportunity will be displayed on any betting platform using decimal odds as 2.00, so by multiplying your stake by 2.00 you will find out how much exactly you will be paid back if your bet wins.

Another example is when you bet on something that is available at fractional odds of 4 to 1, meaning you get paid out 4.00 for every 1.00 you wager, when you see such a  betting opportunities on any betting platform offering decimal odds they will be displayed as 5.00.

Always keep in mind that some of the more advanced betting platforms will always give you a choice in regards to how you can have their respective odds display, and as such if you prefer one way of seeing odds display then simply set the odds to be displayed that way then you will always know instantly who generous those odds are if they are generous of course!

Moneyline Odds

Let us now take a quick look at the way in which Moneyline Odds are going to be displayed and how to get your head around this slightly unusual way that odds are often displayed if you have never come across them before.

The first thing to note is that it is usually at American facing betting sites and Sportsbooks that you will find Moneyline Odds on offer, and when you look at them you will find the Moneyline is designed in such a way that they will either be a positive figure or a negative figure, allow us to explain!

The figure displayed on for example each team in any type of sports match could be as a positive, and one example could be +400, and that is going to be the amount of cash you would win on that betting opportunity if you placed a £100 wager on it.

If you come across, and you always will do, a team that has a Moneyline figure that is displayed as a negative, and for example we will use -400 as an example, then if you want a bet on that betting opportunity you are going to have to place, as in our example, £400 to win £100!