Betfair Review

Betfair is not like the plethora of other betting sites that you will find available online, for they are a betting exchange and as such will be offering you a completely different way of betting on sporting events and sporting fixtures that may just excite you!

When you sign up to Betfair you will then be able to access their betting exchange, and that is simply a betting platform that will allow you to bet against other users of that betting exchange instead of placing bets and wagers with a bookmaker.

You can opt to place a bet and by doing so at Betfair you can request any odds you would like on whatever it is you want to place a bet on, and if another user wishes to lay those bets then your bet will be place instantly.

You also have the option of laying bets off other users, so you can become a bookmaker yourself and will have full control over the odds you offer and the betting opportunities you can lay too. The main benefit of using Betfair however is the odds you will find on offer are often way higher than any bookmaker will be offering!

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What I would advise you to do is head on over to their website in your own good time, but make sure you utilize our links, and then read through the terms and conditions of that welcome bonus offer as it is one worth claiming for sure!

Betfair Betting Platforms

I have found that most people who do sign up to Betfair and make use of their Betting exchange much prefer using their online platform as opposed to their mobile platform, for when it comes to using betting exchange you may often need to have several web browsers open, all at the same time and may need to scroll through them all quickly.

That will allow you to monitor odds available on standard bookmaker betting platforms and will allow you to also stream live footage over the web of the events you have bet on in a different web browser too, so if you do intend signing up to Betfair then do consider using the web-based betting platform.

However, there is of course nothing stopping you from placing a bet using their mobile betting app, and I would certainly not put you off doing so for there are plenty of unique aspects of using it and everything that you can bet on via their online betting exchange is of course on offer via their mobile betting app.

But if you are unsure as to just which one will suit you the best then my advice would be to try out both yourself, and then decide which one you find the easiest and most comfortable to use.

Promotions and Offers at Betfair

Apart from the very clearly laid out, and it does have to be said rather generous welcome offer that you can claim as a new customer of Betfair, you are never going to know in advance what else is going to be in store for you regarding promotional offers, until you register as a new customer.

For if there is one thing that Betfair really have become famed for, over their many years of existence, it is offer their loyal and regular sports betting customers and nonstop range of different promotions all of which can be opted into instantly.

If you have been on the hunt for a betting site that is literally going to shower you with some of the most valued packed offers and deals that will liven up your betting experience, then now really is the time you signed up and started to bet with them.

To learn more about how to claim their welcome bonus and for details of how it has been structured, simply head on over to their website and all will then be revealed to you, and that welcome sign up bonus is instantly credited to your account by the way!

Sports Betting Opportunities

If you do take your sports betting activities very seriously, then I would encourage you to sign up to Betfair for as soon as you do so you are never going to be left wanting regarding the type of sporting events you can either bet on or lay your own odds on too.

Not only will you have the ability and option of betting before any sporting event, in any part of the world starts, but once they do you can then switch your betting activities over to the in-play betting markets that will allow you to place or lay bets once any sporting fixture then gets under way.

As you can bet at any time that does of course mean that with some skill and practice you could often be in a position where it is going to be possible to bet on two opposite outcomes on any sporting event and hedge your bets on them both, and therefore lock in a profit no matter what the outcome of those events.

If you are still struggling to understand how a betting exchange works and operates then do make use of the guides that are available to you over on the Betfair website, as they will guide you through both placing a bet and laying bets on their betting exchange.


As the online and mobile gambling landscape is an ever changing one, it is often the requirement of any betting sites such as Betfair to ensure they have obtained a gambling license in every single country of the world they wish to operate in and offer their services to.

At the time of me putting together this review of Betfair they were unlicensed in USA, Canada, France, Portugal and as such at this current moment in time they are not able to accept customers based in those countries.

But as someone who may be interested in signing up to Betfair please do make sure that you read through their terms and conditions to see if you live in one of their permitted countries, but to become one of their player you will have to be the legal age to gamble in the country you do live in.

Being a betting company that does however have a UK Gambling Commission issued online gambling license, they will give you a first-class gambling experience, but once you sign up expect to be asked to furnish them with identification documents at some point to allow them to verify your identity.

Customer Support

To help everybody who have never used a betting exchange before, Betfair have put together a large range of training videos and guides that you can make use of by visiting their website.

Those guides will be explaining every aspect of how to use their betting platforms, but if you still have any questions you are always going to be able to contact their support team using various methods.


Deposits and Withdrawals

An all in one type of banking interface is in use on the Betfair website, and as such you are going to be able to seamlessly move around all their many different gambling sites to enable you to fund any other accounts that you hold with them without having to make a fresh deposit.

There are also going to be a plethora of different payment options you can make use of to fund your account, and just as many of them will also be available to you when it comes to cashing out your winnings too.

What I do like about Betfair however is that they do process all winning pay-outs back to web and e-wallets as good as instantly, so when you do win you can have your winnings paid out to you in a matter of seconds.

Not many betting sites or betting exchanges pay-out as quickly as Betfair does, and that is something you should keep in mind when you are next looking or a new betting site at which to bet at, as waiting days or weeks for pay-outs is something you do have to do at other sites!


I am 100% confident that when you first see how high in value the odds are on every single betting market available on the Betfair betting exchange, you will be annoyed at yourself for betting anywhere else in the past!

The over-round on each of their betting markets are usually in very low single figures, which means that when backing or laying any betting opportunities you will always be getting the best value, and that in turn will see you getting more by way of winning pay-outs when you win. There is however a small commission to pay to Betfair on all winning bets struck, so be aware of that fact too.

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