Bet the Money Lines on the NFL

It is always worth taking a good look over the early betting markets that BetFred make live at the start of the week on the upcoming matches being played in the NFL, for there are often some overly generous odds chalked up against some of the teams that are playing each week.

As they have of course made live their week 4 NFL betting markets, if you do fancy placing any number of bets n this weekend’s matches, then allow me to give you a few pointers below as to just which teams are going to be offering you the best winning opportunities.

The first NFL match of week 4 will be in play on Friday and that is the match in which Minnesota Vikings who are 1/3 to win are going to take all the beating, I doubt that the Los Angeles Rams are going to beat them, but if you think they will their odds are fairly decent to be honest at 12/5!

As to where the value lays in the Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts that will be kicking off on Saturday, well there is a lot to like about the 10/13 odds on offer on the Texans to win, but keep in mind that the Colts could win of course and their odds of doing so for reference are 11/10!

Miami Dolphins VS New England Patriots

As the NFL season is now well underway, what you are going to find is that some teams are going to be the red hot favourites to win their upcoming match and that is certainly the case in this Saturdays match between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

It is of course the Miami Dolphins who are the red hot favourites to win that match and their win odds of 1/3 do give you a very clear indication of what their chances are of winning that match. However, there is always the chance that the New England Patriots could come out on top and you can back them right now at odds of 12/5 if you do fancy doing so that is!

Additional NFL Week 4 Matches

I would advise you to have a good long look through the NFL week 4 betting markets over at the BetFred betting site as you are certainly going to be tempted to place a few bets there when you do so!

The Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals match for example is one that is unlikely to go the way of the Seahawks and their money line odds of 29/20 do give you an insight into their winning chances but it is the Cardinals who look the most likely winner and their money line odds that are certainly worth taking are 4/7!

I am tempted by the 2/11 money line odds being offered on the San Francisco 49ers and I am convinced they are very easily going to beat the Los Angeles Chargers this Saturday whose odds by the way of winning are 4/1!

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