Bet on the England vs. Australia One Day International

For avid cricket fans and supporters of the English national team, whenever they are playing against Australia it can often be the case those fans are not going to be sure if England will come out on top and win that match.

Well, we will soon know if they will for there is a one day international planned and scheduled to start on the 13th of June, and for once the bookies are all in agreement that England have by far and away the very best chances of winning that match.

Whilst there are a plethora of different bet types and betting markets you can make use of to bet on that cricket match, the best odds I have so far been able to find on both teams are England at 8/5 and Australia are 6/4, so when betting on that cricket match try and get odds around those dependent on just which team you fancy to win!

Correct Score on the Series Betting

The clock is now ticking if you fancy placing a bet on what the correct score will be regarding the series of one day internationals between England and Australia, and there are six possible bets any of which may just be of interest to you.

The two firm favourite bets on the correct score of the series with punters is for England to win 3-2 which is attracting so much more the odds on that being the correct score are 2/1, and the other popular bet currently is for England to win the series 4-1 and the odds you can bag on that outcome are 9/4.

You may however feel that Australia are going to have a change of form and possibly win the series with a correct score of Australia 3-2 and if you do the odds available on that bet are 7/2.

The three other possible correct scores of the series are England to win 5-0 at odds of 9/2, Australia to win with a score of 4-1 with odds on that bet at 10/1, or even Australia to win 5-0 which is unlikely but the odds on that bet if you do fancy taking a chance on them doing so are huge at 66/1!

Predict the Method of the first Dismissal

Do you think you can predict the way in which the first dismissal will occur in the England vs Australia match? Well, if you can do there are some quite high odds currently available dependent of course eon just which method of dismissal you select.

If the first dismissal is Caught and you bet on it the odds you will be rewarded with if that is the dismissal method you opted for are 4/9, but do consider placing a Lbw dismissal bet as the odds available on that occurring are higher at 7/2.

The Bowled bet is available generally at 4/1,Run Out and the Stumped bet is unlikely but possible and the odds are high on both of those methods of dismissal at 16/1, any other method of dismissal is going to see you very heavily rewarded with odds as high as 200/1.

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